We've built a strong community here since 2010 but it is finally time to shutter the website. The site has always been an experiment in community cultivation and offering an ad free, community funded and community run corner of the internet that was kept free of jerks and welcoming for all. We pulled it off together.

Even when the website started, however, online message boards were starting to become an anarcronism. These days there are very few active out there outside of customer support sites. We kept DoG going for quite a while and beat a lot of the odds but it is now time to move on. The website has been running on fumes for a little while now. Over 2018 it has run at a loss with the year's bill not having been met by community funding. Given that it is no longer self supporting, this website is now closing shop.

I would like to personally thank all the community members whom kept us going all these past years and proved that communities could be welcoming, positive, and independent.

The closing of the website does not mean the end of our community, however. I've setup a Discord for us to transition to. Spread the word and we can recreate what we had on Discord - a free platform. Check it out and join us there! This message won't stay up for too much longer.