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  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    I'm down for Heroes of the storm

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night


    For my own part, any weekday at 6:00 pm is a no-go as I'm on the train at that time. Saturdays are challenging for me in that suggested time slot as well as that's when I'm usually out and about and doing things around home.

    Everyone's welcome to chat and shoot the shit where they want, but for me personally, I don't need another program to do so; especially one that I'll hardly ever be logged in to. I don't understand why this has become life or death all of a sudden.

    I was also unaware that there was some kind of ultimatum that if I don't get Discord and "meet halfway," consequences will ensue. Being a member of Delay of Game did not require downloading and signing up for a third party chat client. Playing games with friends from this community has never required a third party chat client. In fact, the games we're playing requires one to log into a specific game client that has built-in chat as I've already mentioned.

    I play the games I play because I enjoy them. I play with you and members of this community because I like you guys and I have fun playing with you. This is not serious business to me, it's supposed to be fun.

    If how I do things is such an inconvenience for you, why not set up your own game nights through the method you wish to? It's not like I have the sole power to organize game nights.


  • Heroes of the Storm

    @Juxtapose said:

    @EchoGolfSierra said:
    ya sorry typically I dont sit in battlenet.... but I am in discord, if you want to pop in and hollar if I am around I will gladly help you with the achievement

    That's interesting, as you're almost always logged into 2.0 whenever I am. In fact out of everyone from Delay of Game, I see you logged in leaps and bounds more than anyone else. Rajio would come in second, and then Sintacs.

    it must be a glitch...a bug...a mirage...a fucking's magic!


  • Mass Effect Andromeda

    Glorious glorious gameplay. Explains how they ditched their traditional class system,

    A month and 2 days, a month and 2 days

  • Horizon Zero Dawn playstation exclusive

    @Sintacs said:
    @Doos same here, though it doesn't feel like it's been that long a wait, maybe because it's not super hyped like a lot of stuff is lately.

    It was probably E3 2015 or something but yeah.. not too bad. Not like Last Guardian or anything. I'm not watching/reading any reviews 'cause I already knew I'd dig it enough when I saw the first little gameplay trailer way back. If not... sold like For Honor! I preordered that for $38 and sold it for $60! Make money money!!

  • Horizon Zero Dawn playstation exclusive

    really? almost everything i've seen about it today has something along the lines of "Horizon Zero Dawn is a technical masterpiece on both the PS4 and PS4 pro" in it

  • Horizon Zero Dawn playstation exclusive

    Pre ordered it 10 million years ago when it was announced.

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    My problem, and it amy or may not be a singular issue, is timings. Thursday evenings are now out for me.... and Sundays at 4 typically I am either making dinner or soon to be making dinner. I am not sure those times will ever typically work for me...and yes I am frustrated that we have an exceptional real time chat interface that is exceptional for setting up games and connecting in real time and it is being ignored.

    But hey these could just be my issues so I will just bow out for now and see how this all shakes down later.

  • DoG PSN Community

    So I noticed we don't really have anything going on the PSN side of things, so I started a community there and sent some invites to those of you that I have on my friends list. For those of you I don't have added, you should be able to search the communities from your PS4 or Communities mobile app (AFAIK communities are PS4 and app only) for "Delay of Game" and join.

  • Hearthstone

    It's not noob friendly currently but if youre playing low ranks you should still be able to win some games. Favorable trading can take you a long ways over card quality. But there's definitely some cards that are significantly better than their counterparts that cost the same.

    When I first started, a card like 'Knife Juggler' used to blow my mind. Watching a Druid do their 9 mana 14 Damage burst with Savage Roar/Force of Nature for the first time I was like 'What the fuck just happened to me!'

    They nerfed that shit though but I digress. Mmm.. knife juggler combos still make me feel good.