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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    @Law212 I'm going for a Combined BA Honours in Criminology, and Policing. It's Part time online, So if i work at it i will be done in about 5 years.

    Just will open up some more doors for me.

    I could get into anything from Policing, to Corrections, to youth and child, or social work, amongst other careers after the degree. In both private, and public sector.

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  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    @TimothyWedel said:
    Seems like everything is doom and gloom these days. Where's all that happiness and joy at?

    There is still lots out there. unfortunately politicians want to make more money so taking services like the internet and regulating them more in their favour is in their best interest and we as sheep should just accept it and whatever else they want from us.

    Other than that, the joy comes from when you aren't online and in the company of actual people and sharing stories and having a laugh over some beers. Or taking part in a sport or biking or hiking and cutting loose of all the wires and phones and social media .

    realizing you don't actually have 300 friends, but you have a handful of good reliable real friends.

    realizing that tweets don't mean shit and saying hi as you pass a stranger is far more important.

    remember to stop by and see your aunt who has lost her husband and brother to remind her that people still think about her and that shes more important than status updates.

    There is TONS of joy out there ... but the great thing is, we don't need to record it all and we don't need to talk about it in online posts.

  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    I find a lot of joy playing games with friends. Face to face. Boardgames, dnd.. that kind of shit. Making fun of someone to their face is the way to go.

  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    Oh you dont think it will affect Canada and other coountries? Thats cute.
    When netflix is forced to pay more money to have their content streamed without interruptions or slowdowns they will pass that higher cost on to us.

    You Lots of content will be blocked or very hidden . Like smaller online stores will be pushed down and hidden because they cant pay as much as best buy and amazon .

    Corporations dont care. The bottom line is that they need to make more money each year to be considered successful. They are always looking at ways to get another dime out of us.

    Kind of like EA with gaming.

    Have you enjoyed your internet use over the years? cool. Now pay 50 cents every time you log a device online each day.

    Thanks for your 60 bucks a month. This gives you access to the net. But if you want premium internet access , pay another 60 bucks a month to get access to all websites .....

    sounds stupid

    so did paying for horse armor. but here we are.

  • TV shows - that stuff between commercials!

    So this documentary had me thinking about it ever since i watched it. I've been reading up on the people featured in the film and i came across the fact that they made a companion piece to this film a couple years later called the look of Silence. Apparently they follow a man whos brother was killed by the guys in the first film, and he confronts them.

    I will have to look for this and try to watch it later. The whole situation was nuts. The western governments knew it was happening and backed it or turned a blind eye to it (ill have to research further as to the western involvement.)

    The guys from the film have no remorse really over killing over a thousand people. the one guy just doesnt think about it, the other thinks it was justified and Anwar does cry over it and has nightmares but he too says he thought it had to be done.

    They didnt want communists coming and taking over, so they killed them.... Would the communists have killed them instead if they had taken over?

    its never black and white.... I know that especially back then it was a different time and lots of killing was going on all over. I've seen pictures of from when my dad was younger and his brother was pictured carrying a man's severed head. I think it was a Turkish man because they were fighting back then .

    From what i recall Turks had invaded Greece. Lots of the houses in the town i lived in there had bullet holes all over them , and even in the house my dad built we found old bombs in the ground in the yard.

    Anyway I want to watch this other documentary. Its interesting seeing how life was not even that long ago where people my age and younger had to kill other people as part of daily life.

    Video games? no we find this guy guilty of being a commie, you and your friends take him, torture him then kill him and get rid of him.

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    I agree. And I do like that Man of steel and even batman vs supes had him reflecting a lot on choices and what he should do, I am looking forward to the next movies where he is now actually superman and not conflicted.

  • TV shows - that stuff between commercials!

    THis should have been in the films thread but oh well
    I finished the last half hour. He re-enacts torturing someone , and re-enacts how he killed the mans baby.

    Then he later re-enacts a torture but he is the one being tortured. Watching it back later he talks about how how he knows how they must have felt. The film maker then tells him that they felt a lot worse because they knew they were going to die , but for him it was just a movie.

    It was long, but its strange to see these men talk about killing so many people. One of the guys talk about how his girlfriend was Chinese and he killed her father because he was Chinese. He says he stabbed him then hit him with a brick.

    The main guy this movie follows, Anwar you can tell especially at the end that hes really guilt ridden by what he did, but his one friend says he doesn't think about it, he feels no guilt about any of it.

    its pretty insane.

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    Youre far off the point ECho.
    We all know it happened in real war.

    This is DC . People were mad that superman killed zod . a bad guy .
    Boy scout Steve bombs children and ah well.

    I just find it funny. I think lots of people just missed it.

  • Screen Flickering

    Could be any of the new things you introduced the the setup. Could be the TV itself.

    First thing is to disconnect every thing and start adding things again and see what the issue is. Could be the the reciever.

    Could be the speakers right under the tv. Ive had issues with speakers doing funky things when to close to other electronics.

    also try the tv on its own and see it its a tv issue.