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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Believe me I was this close to just dropping everything and moving across the country. Oh well, next time!
  • Juxtapose's Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Matches

    It was just the jewel case
    If it was the box and id go for it and keep an eye out for the CD

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    I finally got around to seeing Black Panther on sunday... I saw it in 4K, and might watch the 3D version , but maybe not since the movie was pretty bland.

    Bad fights. Like boring, not exciting and slow paced as in you can see the actors thinking too much about the choreography while doing the moves.

    There is a scene in some club where black panthers guard has a spear and it swinging it around knocking people over , but shes not putting any force or speed into the hits so it took me out of the immersion.

    Even the main character , ole panther himself was not exciting to watch fight. Nor was he likable. Sure he was a good guy but he was a very boring guy too. Killmonger and the leader of the gorilla tribe were far more fun to watch on screen.

    The CG was very bad through the movie.
    The story was very basic and very predictable. It was marvel paint by numbers.

    Many spots where it looked like the star wars prequels where you can see a major separation between the characters and the green screen.

    Big disappointment after how highly people talked about this movie.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Move is done and now everything hurts.
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Yeah I love bad books. You read a bunch of them and when you finally get to a good one it's that much better because of all the bad ones.

    I cant say I have ever read any historical fiction. Mostly mystery/thriller/suspense and some fantasy.
  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Well, we could strike but it would be illegal. Then union bosses have to go to jail and it gets weird.

    The membership (not me! I voted no!) voted in this contract and one of the stipulations was our first year raise was To Be Decided. I was against that, others were not. So they had to bring in an Arbitrator. The arbitrator looks at demands on both sides from the company and the union and picks what he decides is fair.

    The company pushes for things like that every contract. It will have been 2 years since that contract started negotiations. We have one year left on this current contract and the whole thing starts all over again.

    Hopefully more of the membership will vote 'No' this time around when they use loose wording or 'TBD' in regards to any of our demands and we can go on strike.

    I think a strike will do us good. But I'm also a little savey saverson so I can afford to go on the picket line for a few weeks while the company squirms. They usually lose about 50 mil a week when we walk and that's not nothing. Shareholders don't like strikes so their stock usually loses value.

    Gives us a bit of the power back and with Trudeau in office he says he won't force Back to Work legislation on Unions so we'd be much better off than under Harper, who forced us back to work twice under his regime.


  • Fallout 3 and GoG

    @Juxtapose said:

    @wikkiwild1 said:
    I use GoG. Lots of great deals on games. And old classics also. I think I have almost all the old D&D games.
    I have Fallout 3 and New Vegas which I got on Steam. They work on my windows 10 machine without issues.

    The Steam Version of Fallout 3 works on your Windows 10 system, no tweaking or anything required?

    Yes. I have Fallout 3 and Fallout NV on my Windows 10 PC. They play just fine, no issues.

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    @Juxtapose just a way of saying the characters i create and play

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Shorthand for alternative characters
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    So when I went to see the place last week the old tenants were still in and all of their stuff was still there and it was dark so I couldn't really see a lot.

    I texted him asking if there was any damage I should know about and he said there wasn't

    Then I was supposed to go and sign the papers today but when I got their he just pointed out a hole on the wall and gave me a set of keys and that was the end of it. He said we would sign the papers on Wednesday after I move in.

    After work I brought one of my coworkers over to help me take pictures of everything wrong with the place and we had to take so many. The place is a filthy mess and there are water damage stains and food stains and dead bugs and shit everywhere. Holes in the wall everywhere.

    I thought the way he was handling this was fishy. Tomorrow I'm sending him a text saying he can come take the keys back and unless he hires a professional cleaner to clean and fix it up a bit I'm not signing any papers or moving in. I'm so glad I didn't sign today when I was supposed to without really seeing the place. It's a nightmare.