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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    @Juxtapose said:

    @Law212 said:
    @TimothyWedel I agree with @Juxtapose , change can be great, so if you cant stay then embrace the change. I have lived all over and will be moving again. Not far but closer to work near the end of the year, but I always want to stay close to my family so I can help and they can help me when needed.

    That's awesome dude, you found a place then?

    No, I havent. But after i get back from Greece me and Inna will be looking for a place convenient for both of us. She will probably switching jobs, so we will wait and see where she ends up, and since I have the car I dont need to be as close as she does.

  • E3 2018


  • [ATTN] the future of DoG

    Alright, I survived E3. I'm back :) Going to spend some time today and tomorrow sorting out the issues mentioned above for the site, handing the admin keys over

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Got my 1 year raise , and i get more commission . Its been a great year already.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    I went to Blu mountain in Collingwood this weekend. It was fun, we visited some breweries, drank a bunch and hung out at a condo we rented. It was a nice getaway .
    Oh, it was me and 8 other guys .

  • Xbox LIVE, NAT, Teredo, and Rogers

    NAT issues would be the same on PC though, just gotta set a static IP and forward the ports. You need to make sure you make a note of everything you change when setting your static IP though as you won't have any net connection if you make a mistake, but that generally just means setting it back to automatic, or making sure you enter things correctly. You can learn how to setup a static IP here. It's really something you can't avoid forever as a PC gamer, you'll need to do some port forwarding at some point if you play a lot of multiplayer games, fortunately it's pretty easy to do. The site through the link I posted has some great guides for it, and generally has guides specific to the majority of router brands/models.

  • What are you listenin to!?


  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    I finally bought a GTX 1080 ti. Its huge. I need to install it and play some 4K gaming at 60 FPS.

    The benchmarks say that it can do most games on high settings at 4K at 60 or even higher for some games.
    Its also great for VR which now I may end up getting to go along with this.... but not until after the summer.

    No more big spending for me for a while.




    I also bought black panther in 4K so I can finally see if it lives up to the hype.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Glad to hear it Tim. Juxt is right. A lot has to do with how you see things.

    Today I took my mom out for mothers day lunch at Cora's. It was really good food and luckily when we got there the lineup was pretty small. After we got in, the linue up got huge.

    I also purchased a car yesterday. The escalade fell through as the dealer found a bunch of issues with it when safetying the car. So he refunded my money and i saw a nice Mitsubishi SUV recently and went to look at it (from the Mitsubishi dealership) and I liked it a lot.

    THe issue with the bigger car was gas keeps going up so I'm thankful that the deal fell through.

    This one is much better on gas and looks good and has room to take a bunch of stuff for road trips, which I'm going on one in two weeks.

    Its a Mitsubishi RVR

    I think it was a better choice financially as its better on gas and it has a 10 year warranty and only 33,000 KM on it. its a 2015. This picture isn't of the one i bought but looks the same


  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    To go along with the mostly positive life updates recently

    Today was fantastic. Instead of work feeling like the place I have to go to and remember how bad I am at everything to do with socializing lately it has started to feel like the place I get to go to and chill with buddies (both coworkers and customers) and make some cash doing it. There are still people I am trying to build work relationships/friendships with but for the most part I feel like I can easily chum it up with my coworkers.

    Feels good man.