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  • Dark Phoenix

    Ah things got ridiculous. Sorry Juxt and forumites who had to witness that. Were still friends .

  • 2018 fundraising

    Ill be adding too

  • 2018 fundraising

    Sounds good!

    I'll take care of that over the next few weeks.
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Welp, Law when and did it last Saturday.



    We had a very fast ceremony with just the 2 of us and a officiant and 2 witnesses

    Then went to Niagara for the weekend.

  • Free Crap

    @Juxtapose said:

    @Law212 said:

    @Juxtapose said:

    @Law212 said:
    I hope you peeps are g etting your free Shadow Warrior 2. I havent played much of it yet, but its awesome. So is the first which was free on GOG previously.

    The original game was so much fun. Tech-wise, it was cool how they were able to add floors above floors in what was a 2D engine.

    The Original is also free to play on steam.



  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    It's been a while since I've been on. Been so busy with work, school, and dad life. Throughout the year I've been trying to quit smoking. Must say it hasn't been the greatest year to try to quit. Lots of stressors in my life, it was also the only outlet I had (so I thought).

    I've had a rough go the past several months, Im selling the restaurant. There's a number of reasons why this is happening, business is very, very hit or miss. We have had a rough go since we opened it two years ago. The tourism industry in the city is declining due to the political landscape south of the border, and it's been a major strain on my wife, and I. And to be quite frank I'm 100 percent ok with this. (Selling it that is). I think it's about time I had some positive change in my life. I've been in the industry so long, and I've realized how toxic it is. No matter how hard I've tried to change the industry, in my restaurant that is. It's still the grueling toxic industry that I once loved. I guess becoming a father has changed me. The industry is full of drugs, booze, and rock 'n roll, that lifestyle is a single man's game.

    I have chef friends that have older children, and they all regret not leaving the industry, you miss birthdays, first steps, hockey games etc. So when it sells i'm going to be looking forward to being a father. Once it sells i'll have so much time on my hands. It's going to be weird doing my 8 hours, and going home after.

    I'm still battling a broken foot, I got some closure about a month ago. To sum it up. I'm not getting surgery. I was sent back to work 6 weeks too early, and it rebroke, healed (a little), broke again. This Saturday will mark a year since i broke it. It's giving me less grief everyday, so i'm taking that as a positive. I have to go back to the doctors soon to get checked out, but im hoping i'll be able to get back to the gym on a more full time basis. I can go now, but i have to take it easy (no running, stairs) I can cycle however, but i can't do any leg exercises that involve pushing.

    I have some contacts im to reach out to once the restaurant is sold. Basically we are trying to get more support in the county for mental health. There are a few organizations that were trying to get onboard, one deals with drug addiction, another deals with mental health, were trying to create a one stop for everything from addiction, to mental health, to crisis response. I may be going through school for Law Enforcement, but my goal is to get into Crisis Intervention. So basically i'm attempting to setup the framework with this collaboration to take it to the county, and municipalities. So i've been pretty busy hoping to get back on here more, over the next little while. Ohh, and i've been smoke free 14 days!

    I hope everyone had a fantastic summer!
  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Played some more DOOM last night. The last missions I did the one where you fight the cyberDemon and the end... I finished it missing ONE secret....I need to go back and play it over. Ah well Im not far from where I was before losing my progress last time, but this time I am so upgraded that I feel too overpowered for the game. Im playing on Hurt me plenty. I should play on Nightmare when I get the chance.

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    i hit half a million views on youtube. that's kind of cool.

    if youtube didnt change the partner program earlier this year and prevent me from earning revenue on my videos, and assuming i made the same amount per view as I did for the 100k-ish that I was able to make revenue on, I calculated that I have missed out on about $480 from my videos. my $$$$ was going up pretty decently towards the end there though so it's likely more than that.

  • 2018 fundraising

    OK so Law had some good news, and doesnt need a lawyer. So Law isnt broke.
    When the ex went to court for this before the judge found there was no evidence it was her that hit the pedestrian. (so many thoughts of carmageddon right now)

    So chances are the judge at this court will do the same. And the insurance company is fighting it so i dont need a lawyer as they have one.

    Law will be fine.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    So much stuff is happening in my life lately I could post in this thread forever

    Got more responsibility at work again as the head of paint. My bosses also want me to go and get my pesticide license because only 3 or so people have one now and they are all managers so its a pain for them to stop what they are doing to go and sell pesticide every time someone comes in for it. That'll be even more responsibility and hopefully i will work up the nerve to ask for a raise after that.

    I opened up the $10k paint machine for the first time this week and did some repairs. It was really fun. My boss and I were the only two working in hardware and it was dead slow so we spent the night fixing and swapping some motors that were malfunctioning.

    I like someone and i think they like me so that's pretty cool

    I started using Facebook again. Its been years and I really didnt want to but it is so much easier keeping in touch with the family now that they have moved back to Edmonton and the friends seeing as how we are all always working.

    I have been doing a lot of exercise at home and have started to notice some muscle lately. It's hard to do effective exercises at home without equipment so I'm not going to be getting jacked but it's nice to be less of a toothpick for once.

    I have been reading a lot again for the first time since highschool. It's only on my lunch break at work so I don't get through a lot but I read 6 or 7 novels in the past couple of months. It's nice to be reading again.

    I'll spare you all the smaller, boring stuff