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  • Money Stuff - How To: Get in the Stock Market

    Man even my buddies who're doing what they're passionate about, it's still a grind some days. Just the way it is.

    I'm good at my job and I have good coworkers for the most part. That's two thumbs up, right there. Makes the days go by easier.

  • Money Stuff - How To: Get in the Stock Market

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    You're not wrong, man.. but probably next year? This year we were looking at going to a camping ground in the states some friends had recommended. It's not real camping but it's a little getaway type thing and we were looking into it.

    Then I looked a little further into it and it's like basically a trailer park with cabins and no water. There's a pool, there's some go-karts, there's fun shit for kids.. there's no AC and it's going to be the middle of fucking summer.. jeeeeez.. that's not what the wife and I consider relaxing.

    So we're going to vacation from home this year. We're gonna take a grand or so and just go out every day and have fun locally at the water park, go karts, eat out, go swimming and just have a bunch of fun for a week while we're on vacation.

    Then we come home to our own home, sleep in our own beds and do it again tomorrow.

    No flights, no hotels, no bullshit.

    Is it a 5 star in Punta Cana? No.. that's for when we can dump the kid at Grandma's or he's old enough to look after himself while the wife and I get lit at the swim-up bar.

    But it's fun time off and that's important.

  • Money Stuff - How To: Get in the Stock Market

    Doos, you're aewsome. Im going to TD tomorrow to open an account. My bank doesnt have trading

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Interestingly @TimothyWedel , I wanted to be an animator as well. I was going for that at the end of high school and really working hard, but sadly fell just short and ended up in TV production instead. Interestingly that turned into a lucrative career and classical animation all but died, so that worked out. Funny how life does things sometimes.

    I also think those two goals you wake up with each day are fantastic goals provided you're doing what you said and drawing that line when people are trying to take advantage of your kindness.

    Some of my family members, including my mom, have mental illness, so I understand it very well, and I think you're making great progress in self improvement. Keep it up man.

    I was picked on a lot in grade school, and a bit in high school as well. I'm the dorky guy that plays games which was hardcore lame back then, and I had a mom who was constantly in and out of the psych ward, so that made me an easy target and hurt my confidence. I was still friendly with people though and had lots of great friends, and by senior high I had pretty much gotten over it and became my own person. It basically came down to only focusing on what the few people's who's opinions mattered thought, and not what random assholes thought. Many of my high school friends are still my friends to this day.

    From my personal experience, I've found people's hobbies and interests do influence their personality, however the extent that it does so completely varies from person to person. For me, I make a lot of nerd jokes and make references to games, comics, shows, etc. that fall in that category. Even now, nearly at 40, I'm still considered a "nerd" by all of my coworkers, but that's part of what makes me me, and we all jive in that sense.

    Also, very sorry to read about your father and mom, but there's still time so hopefully things will work out. Fingers crossed man.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Yesterday I got a huge surprise from a local veterans group.
    I received a Quilt of Valour which is given to veterans.

    I was not expecting it as I never considered myself a veteran as I only served about 4 years in the reserves.
    I was noticeably shocked when they called my name.

  • Any Archers out there?

    this latest snow and cold blast has me pouting in doors.... but during that brief warm window we had...

    This is from around 45 feet

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    I don't recall exactly how many play throughs of Skyrim I've played but I always seem to find quests and areas I've never done or been to before.> @Juxtapose said:

    @wikkiwild1 said:
    I don't recall exactly how many play throughs of Skyrim I've played but I always seem to find quests and areas I've never done or been to before.

    I remember having the same experience with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Such fantastic games with so much content.

    I've actually have a game of Oblivion going also. I keep forgetting I do, lol. I have a lot of games going.

  • What's Your Game Type?

    I'm a slut. I'll take all types.
  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    Justice League just ended..... I don't understand what people were complaining about. I was scared to watch this as I thought id would be terrible. It was awesome.

    Great cinematography, amazing shots in slow motion, great team shots, fun moments of the team together or 1 on 1. This was an excellent comic book movie. I wasn't bored for a moment.

    I liked it more than Thor for sure and more than Batman VS Superman. The 3D was great IMO. it had some cool pop out moments a couple times with bullets and the batarang. The snowy scene with bruce looking for aquaman looked great.

    I felt the CG was good and suited the movie. I never really noticed supermans edited upper lip. I think people just wanted to attack this film. There were shots that looked fake for sure but show me a CG heavy movie that doesn't .

    Cyborg looked great, though sometimes and I mean sometimes, you could notice his face cut onto the pure cgi body.

    This movie was awesome. Full of action, full of great character moments, the 3D was really well done .

    Again, the visuals are incredible, the amount of detail in this movie was great from colours to the costumes .

    There are two after credit scenes . The first is just a fun one , the second though was really good. I really hope for a sequel .