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Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

DoosDoos Centurion
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I'm number one! Farva's number one! WOOO!

So, at work today, some other dude's train almost ran into ours.. It was pretty entertaining. If it hadn't of been for a lot of luck and my quick actions, there would have been some big, BIG explosions in London tonight.. plus I'd probably be dead!

Hooray for living!

A note to new posters/members: This is the 'Random' thread, used for ranting, venting, story telling and whatever else. Talk about whatever.

The previous one went bye-bye. This is it's replacement.


  • RajioRajio Centurion
    testing replies....
  • My vacuum cleaner broke, and it has pissed me off. Why can't my vacuum be self-replicating and just fix it self. DAMN IT!
  • Canadian's who can't spell the Canadian version of words also grind my gears! Have some pride eh?
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    I see what you did there... Don't think I don't see what you did!

    Take off, ya hoser.. or hoseur if you prefer! Adding u's to things does not a Canuck, make.

    One day we'll see who can polish off the most brewskis without falling down... a true test of Canadian mettle! :)
  • It seems every time I try to select the "delay of game beta' topic I get

    Fatal error: Class 'Module' not found in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/104075/webspace/httpdocs/forum/plugins/GoogleAdSenseSidePanel/class.adsensesidepanelmodule.php on line 5

    Lets hope this makes sense to Switch.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    i've disabled that plugin. should be good now. let me know of any further problems.
  • Well Johnny, i just hate it when the color of my food ain't my favorite. Its just annoying.

  • Argh, I cannot stand customers that come into the store and tell you how things should be done. I am a butcher and have been so for almost 3 years now. Customers come in and swear up and down that I am doing it wrong. One person told me that our Veal was infact beef. And then, there is the customers that cannot tell Beef from Pork..What a world. One guy asked me, or tried to ask, what is the difference between Beef and Pork...Unbelievable.
  • You should have told him that beef was from a chicken, a tender part in its rear abdomen. Just to make him look like an idiot :D
  • Safari and forum posts TXT WALL RAGE!!!
  • SmoreninjaSmoreninja Centurion
    edited September 2010
    So during my vacation my family bought a few decks of cards.
    I found one and called dibs on it thinking "Nice now I have something to do on my hour long train ride to school"
    I open the package holding the cards and at first I thought my eyes failed me again then I noticed that it wasn't my eyes that were wrong but my cards.

    I was really angry but thought 'oh well'
    As it turns out it is harder to shuffle these cards than normal ones.
  • I gotta good rant.
    I just moved and my ISP changed from Shaw which I had no problems with to Telus which doesn't have tech support. It took me a week to connect to the internet and then I don't have a completely stable connection.

    I use their new D-Link Gateway so I have a wireless connection. A strong signal but keep getting low MTU errors. No way to change the setting in the Gateway that I found.
    Telus tells me to call Xbox support for help, or D-link.

    D-Link doesn't support this model and tells me to contact my ISP.
    I am online now but I never know for how long. I go so P0'd at Telus I kept asking for the supervisor's supervisor until I couldn't go any higher. NO ONE at Telus could help. I told the idiot that Telus needs to get tech support. I don't know much about routers and such but I know a lot more theny those idiots.

    I can now sign in but that is all I can do, no downloading, viewing videos, or messages. I can only play games that I already have.

    It's been 2 weeks since my move and I am still having issues.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    Safari and forum posts TXT WALL RAGE!!!
    chrome too
  • Safari and forum posts TXT WALL RAGE!!!
    chrome too
    that i did not know i wonder what the tech issue is there.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    It's the site's fault, not the browser's. they simply didnt make the site conform to web standards.
  • i am lacking in any surprise given what you have just said lol...
  • Well... i just had a 1 hour 45 minute shift. That is definitely a piss off...
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Y'know what I hate?

    When someone wants you to listen to a song and they play it for you on their phone!

    Not just a snippet either, they sit there and act like you should sit and listen to it coming through on their tinny as shit tweeter and appreciate it.

    Fuck right off.

    Hear this: That sounds like shit.

    First off, if I'm interested in whatever you're pimping, I don't want to be sold on it while I'm chilling out already listening to music. If it's like the music I'm currently listening to, I'll give it a whirl when I get to the comfort of my home and can hear it at a suitable volume. With headphones, preferably.

    I can dig all kinds of tunes, ('Cept Country.. sorry Country fans, Johnny Cash is about as 'Country' as I get) and I like being introduced to new music, but a name and an album are all I need.

    I have the internet, I know how to use it.

    And I'm out! *Drops Mic*
  • For those that dont already know about it, check this site out

    Its great for listening without having to actually wait for it to download
  • Well... i just had a 1 hour 45 minute shift. That is definitely a piss off...
    Not sure what province you're in, but if you have a shift less than 3 hours .. they have to pay you for 3 hours in Ontario at least.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Not in restaurants... They class you as a part time employee, use you when they need you and that's it. You have no protection as a part time employee, which is fast becoming the norm.
  • Im a part time at a restaurant. Im shafted either way
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    That's what I'm saying. It's gross what they do to employees to profit.

    I know people who know people that have been in the service industry for 25+ years who have just, JUST become full time employees.

    It's fucking sickening.
  • Waitresses (if they got the right features, eh eh) can make a fair chunk of change in one night. Even the not so great looking ones do sometimes.

    Another piss off for today, i got about an hour or so of homework... its the fucking first day
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    I like to bitch as much as the next guy. Probably more than the next guy actually. But wow, I'm going back to the Xbox.Ca forums and holy crap they're complaining about the craziest stuff these days. There complaining about stuff that we used to complain about NOT getting. People used to complain 'howcome there are no events in my town' and stuff. they have a PUBLIC halo reach event and everybody is bitching about it. "wah I dont like the tshirt" or "wah i got there 5 hours late and they ran out of swag" etc. I mean come on. We used to complain that prices never went down and there were no sales on the marketplace like a regular store would have, so now we get WEEKLY sales. "wah i dont like the thing thats on sale this week." .... aaarg. Yes I'm bitching about people bitching.

    The complaints with the reach events are the worst. "It was too childish"... seriously? what did they expect? master chief to puch them in the gut while he got a reacharound from cortana? for fuck's sake.
  • Hey hawks look at it this way, it will be a prequel to the 20+ hours of homework you may get if you go post-secondary. (Why the 'may'? Well I don't know your plans so room to manuver.)
    Although day one I gotta read a chapter and pre-day one I think I was told to read a diffrent chapter.
    Totally lovin' SAIT though.
    Comm dosn't seem as stupid as "Career and Life Management" back in high school.
  • Well since Switchs blerb popped in after I pressed post I'll respond to it.
    I havn't looked at xbox Canada all day.
    Everything happens in Toronto :P

    I can kinda understand why people think, Oh, Calgary just has cowboys who arn't interested in video games. All the same time I'm thinking WTF? Thats stupid. Calgary has as much gamers as any city the same size as it. The only video game related event that I ever knew of was hosted by amped energy drinks which is charming since I don't drink them.

    I wish Calgary got more love but it makes sense that Toronto gets the love heck, maybe when I get my life kicked into gear in a few years I may visit Toronto so watch out!

    While this weeks Deal of the Week dosn't interest me, overall I think deal of the Week has some great items and I always want to kick myself when I miss out.

    I'll still complain about them recruiters don't worry Switrch.
  • @Rajio In terms of the Halo: Reach event held in Vancouver, the only thing I see them having a right to complain about is the lack of Halo: Reach at said Halo: Reach launch event. I understand, based on Jeff's answer, why they did it, but it's still a let down for them.

    The other stuff is just being petty. Last year, there were two different shirts for Halo 3: ODST, one for Vancouver and one for Toronto. We were lucky and got the Vancouver one at the Halo: Legends screening, but most people only got to get the one. That's life, but most folk don't realize this.

    And yeah, it's laser tag, so what did people expect? I knew that the one's who'd enjoy it the most were the little kids, simply due to the nature of the event.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    edited September 2010
    There was a guy complaining that he didnt get to play it in Toronto; Best I can figure he was just standing around instead of getting in line to play it. If you're just loitering they're going to ask you to move on.

    I'm not saying theres nothing to complain about ever but so much of this crap seems petty and nonsensical. If I was running events this would put me right off it, until I realize for everyone complaint theres 100 to 200 people not complaining who had a great time.

    I feel lucky enough that I got a Tshirt AND got to pick my size .... but I was in line three hours before the event started too.
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