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Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*



  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Yessir, people like to bitch! I try to stay out of the majority of the Halo threads, both here and on .ca... 'cept the Duke vs Chief one that's going on... 'cause it's stupid.

    'Cause I really have no interest in Halo...

    I can dig why people would whine a bit that the Van. event didn't actually have Reach and the Tranna' one did... but... shit happens.

  • the1npcthe1npc n00b
    edited September 2010
    Well... i just had a 1 hour 45 minute shift. That is definitely a piss off...
    Thats horrible
    I get three hour shifts now and then too
    I know I'm part time but wow lame shift

    also inb4 juxt dlc post :D

  • also inb4 juxt dlc post :D
    DLC (insert angry roar here)!

  • also inb4 juxt dlc post :D
    DLC (insert angry roar here)!
    I'm sure Juxt had a DLC quip here before the site went through it's fancy reboot.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Hey dudes, let's play a game. The next time you respond to post on, change the subject line.

    The more people we have playing, the more ridiculous it's going to be.

    I'm going to go try it right now.

  • Y'know I think our random subjects might scare off new peoples since they see the subject of the post and think that is the title of the topic. they get lost and Rage quit on us.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Well, the thread subject on the main page stays the same, so folks will only notice if they're actually paying attention... Usually that's something I miss, when someone's changed the subject...

    But for those of us in the know... It will be funnies.

    I'm thinking the more people we get doing it, the funnier it will be, and then we can have two different conversations going... one in the subject, one in the actual thread....

    We'll start slowly, in multiple threads, then... when the time is right, when there are a variety of topics that we're all happily contributing to, it will be a subject line massacre.

    Ridiculousness will run rampant and smiles will be had by all!

  • I'm sure Juxt had a DLC quip here before the site went through it's fancy reboot.
    Sure did!
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    While downloading the Starcraft 2 installer today, I was watching how quickly it was going.

    6.99 GB in a matter of minutes... 4-5 or something close.

    I started thinking back to my very first downloads from a BBS, y'know, the internet before the internet...

    Pirated copy of Prince Of Persia 2 (Sidescroller), a song here or there, pictures of Kurt Cobain's dead body... Yeah, all sorts of crap.

    Back then I was using a 2400bps modem.

    Prince Of Persia I remember in particular taking a very long time. I believe it was 33MB zipped and it took around 3 full days of downloading. This may be due to disconnects, someone picking up the second line etc.

    Remember it was all dial up back then... computers talking to computers over a phone line etc.

    I'm trying to figure out how long it would take to download your average file these days, without taking into account lack of speed, disconnects etc.

    I need some help 'cause I keep getting lost in the conversion.

    So we've got 2400bps, which is 2.4kbps equals 0.0024mbps.

    Let's say our file download is 24MB to keep it simple.

    If we multiply 0.0024 x 1000 (seconds) that gives us 2.4megabits downloaded... 2.4 megabits is equal to 0.3 MB... So we're less than a third of a way to a MB. So far that took approx. 17 minutes.

    So, let's multiply that (17) by 3. Equals 51 minutes. So round up and estimate 1 hour per MB.

    So, a 24 MB file downloading with a 2400bps modem would take about 24 hrs.

    Does that sound right to anyone else? The math, that is?

    Anyway... just something I was bothering with while waiting for Starcraft to install..

    I'm going to go give it a whirl now.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    edited September 2010
    So, I work on the railroad.

    In the industry, there are a variety of names, slang and proper, for tools and devices used.

    Much like golf, where a firm grip on the shaft can give you a better stroke, so it is on the railroad wherein certain phrases carry plenty of innuendo.

    Here are two very commonly used words from the railroad:

    Hose bag (Or just bag/hose)
    Angle Cock (Or just cock... never 'angle'.)

    An angle cock is just a valve that you open and close to let air travel through the train brake line which is connected by a hose bag at each end of a rail car.

    Many times I've heard a fellow employee catch themselves mid sentence when referring to them. Usually followed by a pause, then the word 'Shit' when they've realized what they were saying.

    'That was the stiffest cock I've ever.... shit.' Referring to a hard to open valve.

    'Man, I suck on long hoses... shit.' Referring to two hose bags that are so long, connecting them is difficult.

    'I can't handle all these cocks... shit.' Referring to how many they've handled (heh) that night.

    'So many stiff cocks tonight...'

    You get it.

    In your jobs, do you have phrases and words like these?

  • In my line of work, we have dongles. Sometimes one of the post guys looses a dongle, and that's bad.

    Aside from that, we just swear normally and often and talk about boobs a lot.
  • sadly no doos but that was quite funny
  • I have a nifty little methood to remember resistor colours.


    What's it all mean? Resistor stuff thats what!

    Also my Xbox is on it's last leg. It got the most evil and sinister error codes

    I have no idea what it means but I will be paying my bros at 18004MYXBOX a call soon.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    What do you do with resistors, Smore?

    A quick tale from the other night at work:

    This guy I work with is a 'rocker'. He's got the tattoos and the piercings and all the rest.

    He was making a joking comment yesterday about how 'Such and such good things should happen to guys with tattoos in their mouths.'

    Clearly alluding to the fact that he has one and hoping I will ask about it. He's that kind of dude.

    So I do. 'You've got a tattoo in your mouth? What's it say?'

    My engineer, who's quick with the remarks, says 'Insert cock here.'

    The look on tattoo guy's face was fucking priceless. I damn near fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

    Sigh... twas funny.
  • Hahahaha, i all of a sudden like your engineer
  • Well Doos I'm taking Electronics Engineering course in SAIT. So I guess resisting current.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    @Hawks Yeah, he's a pretty funny motherfucker!

    @Smore That's cool... What are you hoping to get into with that? Will it just train you how to handle electricity etc. or is their a drafting process kind of thing?

    I never went to post secondary, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance of the vernacular!
  • Basicly when I'm done I can go anywhere that uses electronics.
    So I'm pointlessly lost anyways but I have a paper that says I'm zappity zap zap.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    yarrrgh, I hate kotaku so much. Why do I ever click any link going there? I should just block them.

    Now they're ragging on kinect commecials becuase they *gasp* show people using the product in question. Quel horreur!

    Seriously, they're like the fox news of game news websites.

    At least they didnt write anything misogynistic this time or attempt to push people to their forums.
  • Hahahah this was in the comments section of that Kotaku article.

  • RajioRajio Centurion
    edited September 2010
    stupid gaming journalists are stupid. too egar to 'scoop' everyone else, they dont even read what they post.

    see the end: ". For assets, visit: Motorsport 3/ [Please do not publish this link in any form]"

    lol noobs.
  • stupid gaming journalists are stupid. too egar to 'scoop' everyone else, they dont even read what they post.

    see the end: ". For assets, visit: Motorsport 3/ [Please do not publish this link in any form]"

    lol noobs.
    Yup, I tend to respect most major sites less and less all the time. I also don't like how many reviews happen without reviewers actually finishing the game; even shorter ones.

    For me, I only review a game if I've finished it's Campaign once at least sampled a reasonable amount of the Multiplayer game types I like. My reviews always come out a week after release at best, simply because I'm _experiencing_ the product to write up an informed review for readers.
  • @EyeofTheHawks agreed, easily the best thing on the teli.

    As for not publishing the link, the place is a press site, so not that many people will really know about it, but I get what you're saying...
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    edited October 2010
    I feel it's time for another true life tale.

    For those of you who weren't around for the first DoG beta era, I used this thread to 'blog' a bit about whatever was on my mind at the time and relive some silliness from my past.

    Here's a bit of a 'When I was a boy' tale, from my youth. And no... this is not about a sex change operation. :)

    When I was younger, I was a little twat. A douche bag up to no good, and honestly, I don't know what I was thinking, why I was thinking it or why my parents didn't just smother me in my sleep. Or while I was awake for that matter.

    The year was approximately 1992 and I would've been 11 going on 12.

    My older (By a year and a half) brother and I were constantly looking for trouble and we had found another set of brothers who were in the same mindset. Mike and Steve.

    Together, we wreaked absolute havoc on our neighborhood.

    Here are some of those moments:

    Mike had gotten a part time job at our local convenience store, working in a little tin hut out the back sorting cans for return to the vendor.

    Each soda brand was owned by one of three (If I remember correctly) companies. Coke, Pepsi and... the other one.

    So, this can of root beer went to Coke, this one went to Pepsi etc.

    It was a simple job and we were usually paid with pizza or store credit which we used to get all hopped up on sugar.

    Plus, the bonus was back then there were all those 'Under the cap' contests and we were constantly winning crap and free pop because people wouldn't check under them, and we would have an endless selection of bottles to choose from to do so.

    I digress...

    Mike got me a job there too.

    In order to access the little tin hut, you had to have a key, which, conveniently enough was attached to a key ring that had all the door keys to the store on it.

    Me, being the little douch nozzle that I was, saw this as an opportunity. I called my brother from the payphone outside and told him to wheel his bike on over there and grab these keys, take 'em to the local hardware store and have them copied.

    He did... and that's the beginning of the tale of the summer of free donuts.

    Yeah, that's what we stole. We used those keys to access the freezer during the night and snag flats of donuts.

    I probably ate my body weight in donuts that summer.

    Never caught.

    Here's another:

    My brother broke my skateboard one day. He was doing something or another wherein he was jumping on it in the middle and broke it in half.

    I was pissed, he was unapologetic and that in turn pissed me off even more.

    My revenge?

    I took his bank book. Yeah. My parents had gotten us bank accounts at a very early age. Somewhere around 8-9 if memory serves.

    So, I took his, went down to the local Royal Bank, filled out a withdrawl slip using his info and emptied his account. About $120.

    I then used that money to play video games in my local 7-11 and other convenience stores for the remainder of the school year.

    I'd head off to school in the morning and disappear at recess. That was the year I beat 'SWAT' and 'Ninja Turtles' in one stretch.

    Sooner or later my bro tried to access his account and the truth somehow came tumbling out.

    Punishment: My mother emptied my account (Around $200) and gave it to my brother.

    It was decided the broken skateboard was a non-issue.

    One more:

    Myself, Steve, Mike and my brother were wandering around one day and we noticed a jug of gasoline sitting innocently in a local neighbors garage.

    Well, that just wouldn't do. We ninja'd our way in there at night and liberated it.

    The following day we had taken a short hike into the nearby forest and unceremoniously started dumping gas on the trail and in the creek.

    We tried all the things you see in movies. We were lighting our hands on fire, lighting the trail on fire. Making a trail from the path to the creek and lighting that on fire.

    We discovered that if you dump gas in water, you can light it and the flames will float downstream.

    Another neighbor kid came along at that point with his little brother in tow.

    We decided to light a large patch of ground and start jumping through it.

    We were all having a good time with that when the younger kid decided to give it a whirl. Somehow, and I'm still not entirely sure how, he had gotten gas all over his bare legs and when he jumped the flames, he went up like a roman candle.

    Luckily, the creek was nearby and we were damn quick to throw him into it.

    Very quick in fact, as he suffered no severe burns, but his legs were as red as lobsters.

    We made him sit in the creek for a while to cool them off, but it didn't make a difference. When he went home his mother noticed immediately and berated the truth out of him.

    She was quick to call ours and the other brothers mothers (Rhyme!) and we all caught hell.

    I think I was grounded for a month on that one... but I don't recall correctly... and I know that groundings only worked in the day time, 'cause we were always escaping at night.

    That's it for today.

    Y'ever do some stupid shit?
  • Nothing as bad as that, Doos
  • Well there was this one time my friend fell out of a tree, but it seems so pathetic in comparison to your stories Doos :(
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