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  • Hackers may be inaccurate but I still like the movie :P Free boobs indeed!
    "they're trashing our rights. hack the planet. hack the planet."
  • Watched Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin (one of them.. forget which one it was called.. just the movie I think, like, the original), on VHS last night while trying to kill time after my shift.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    On VHS? Someone has a still functioning VCR?


    I've been continuing on with my Hacker movie spree.. Watched Hackers and Antitrust.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    whats next? swordfish? (theres more free boobies in that btw - 100% gratuitous))
  • I watched Panic Room last night.
    It was pretty decent.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    edited July 2011
    @Raj I watched Swordfish at the beginning of this stint. I'm going to watch Disclosure soon, which is a stretch for 'Hacker' type movies.. then I think I'm going to watch a movie I just found out about called 1.0.. Supposed to be cool.. and to finish it off (and this is a real stretch) I think I'm going to watch Eagle Eye.


    Y'know, I liked that movie up until one scene.. I doubt any one who hasn't done hard labor would notice it, but it ticked me off so much that I never want to see it again.

    Let's see if I can youtube it.. Nope, couldn't find it.

    There's a scene where whats-er-nuts is running around with a sledgehammer and she's carrying it one-handed by the bottom of the handle.. which would be freakin' damn near impossible..

    Yeah.. it's dumb to be bothered by that.. but I was. Silly, I know.
  • @Doos - Haha, it was out at our campsite in the "shed". I'm not sure where she got it from. I think we've still got ours in the basement too. I bet it works! One day, I'd love to have a Disney Classics Marathon.
  • after watching the atrocity that was crank 2:Horrible POS, going to watch Horrible bosses tonight. hear thats really good.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Crank 2 was a mindfuck of a shit movie... So much of it was just 'What the fuck is fucking happening now? The fuck? What the fuck?!?'

    I liked the first Crank.. mostly.. there were some ridiculous parts to it.. but nothing like the second one. That movie is all sorts of fucked up for all the wrong reasons.
  • godzilla, racetrack sex, bad guy wants good guys organs for is body including penis, movie tries so hard to be vulgar and thinks it's funny. How it got good rating on rotten tomatoes? Well i figure it tailored to the mindless so when the masses of mindless go see it then reviews are void. Fact of the matter is simple if and only if you are a full fledged zombie may you go see this movie. Worst part was it wasnt straight to dvd suckers saw it in theaters.... for shame.
  • image

    I dont even need to say anything
  • I remember the first Friday the 13th being shitty, but I haven't seen it since I was like, 13.
    I watched Part 1, 2, and 3, it was really good. Classic. I suppose I have a greater appreciation now that I'm older.

    The Nightmare on Elm Street movies still suck though. lolz
    At least the second and third one do.
  • WhorrorLoLzWhorrorLoLz Centurion
    edited July 2011
    I saw the Transformers movie..
    It was actually WAAAAAAAYYY better than the first two pieces of garbage.

    The comedy was actually done right (the majority of it anyways).
    It wasn't stupid shit like, Sams mother running around a campus high saying stupid shit... How was that funny?
    Or Optimus saying "My bad," or that other stupid Autobot that was like, a black dude or whatever, and those stupid twins.

    It was must more serious in tone.
    The action was better too, and there was more of it. Also more Transformers and less non-interesting character development.

    The only thing that I can say was really stupid was how they were
    shooting the Decepticons with regular guns, and even doing minimal

    I also couldn't help up feel that the ending should have been the
    Decepticons succeeding, spawning room for a sequel that would be much
    darker. But, it's a kids movie (for the most part) so what do you

    I enjoyed it.

    P.S. - Shia Labeouf is still annoying.

    Revenge of the Fallen, still had the best fight scene of the entire Triolgy. Also nice to see that both Shockwave and Soundwave got some screen time.
  • I thought the movie sucked actually. Dragged on way too much, vey predictible plot. That girl > Megan Fox. Hot damn. The action was cool, but the fights seemed very lack lustre, were just too quick. 'Oh hai thar, *slice, dead*' /end
    To each their own though, of course
  • I ended up watching Naked Lunch this weekend.  It was pretty cool, although very messed up.

    @Whorror I love Friday the 13th!  I don't know why but I just can't get enough of those cheesey 80s slasher flicks.  Also, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 was pretty good, but I'll agree that 2 was pretty hurting.

    @ Wick98 I thought Splice was not too bad, but agree it was nothing special.  I had hoped for a little bit more out of it.

    @ Doos I thought there was a lot of completely retarded things in Panic Room (besides the sledge hammer).  Normally I give a little bit of leeway to movies when it comes to realism, but that one was just bad.

  • Saw Zoo Keeper last night with my mum and brother. Not as much children's humour as I would have expected, but very funny nonetheless. I wouldn't recommend bringing a young kid to see it as there is some more.. "adult" humour in it, and there was a whole love story mixed in there as well. It's not like a romantic movie kind of love story,it adds more of a comedic value. As I said though, adult humour.

  • Just ignore that, I got fooled. FUCK
  • lolz Parts of it were even from The Dark Knight, as well as script.

    I'm gonna be watching Friday the 13th Part 4 in a second.

    Also, I saw that Final Fantasy movie.. Advent Children. It's the most boring thing on Earth... lolz
    I literally almost fell asleep, and that never happens to me.
  • Harry Potter.... shiiiit. The ending was predictable but I almost thought that it was so predictable that the opposite would happen.. wrong.
  • Tremors.
    Fucking amazing movie.
  • Tremors.
    Fucking amazing movie.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Fucking amazing movie.


    Such a great movie!

  • Haha.
    I dunno if I wanna watch the sequels.

    I just got a text saying that my Friday the 13th Part 5 arrived in the mail, so I'll be watching that, along with the rest on Netflix.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    The sequels are nowhere near as good.. but can still be entertaining given the right crowd.

    So... since my last post I've watched:

    Eagle Eye
    The Cable Guy
    Zero Effect and I made it about half way through Twister then I fell asleep. I'll continue it tonight after work.

    All fun movies.. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Waterworld. I hadn't seen it since it came out way back when and it had all that terrible hype surrounding it. It was a fun movie. Wasn't brilliant or anything.. but a good time. Totally worth the free I paid for it.

  • Fucken' Hangover Part II. So damn funny.
  • Friday the 13th Part 5 is stupid.
    That is all.
  • @Doos Waterworld really isn't all that bad a movie...just got over hyped by the budget and Costner being not that great...but it is a decent movie...better than most crap being put out today
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    @Nine Yeah.. It's not amazing and some of it's over-the-top.. but.. that's a movie for you. Costner is Costner.. Since when has he been anything but? The Guardian was a good flick! Costner.. Perfect World was great!! Costner.. 3000 Miles to Graceland was a fucking romp!! Costner!

    What do people want from him? It's like expecting Nic Cage to pull another 'Leaving Las Vegas'.. Fuck it.. it's been done.. let 'em do cheese. Cheese is awesome.. It goes with everything.

    @Dino I didn't much care for either of the 'Hangover' flicks.. I know.. I'm kind of all alone on this one. A lesser known but far better (In my humble opinion, of course) movie that came out right around the same time was 'I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.' It's along the same lines.. but much lower budget and far more in-your-face.. but definitely my type of humor.

    Sick, depraved and gross. Give it a whirl if you feel the need. Make sure parental types are nowhere near. Unless they're cool of course.
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