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Fall picture challenge with prizes!

Law212Law212 Centurion
edited October 2014 in Events & Contests
I totes forgot to set this up a while back. I have a few steam games to give away. The first two are the good ones:
The adventures of Van Hellsing, and Deadlight. Both are good games though Van Hellsing is the better of the two. I think that the first place winner will get the choice of games, and the second place gets to choose
The prizes are:

Adventures of Van Hellsing
Sanctum 2
oh and Orcs must die 2 : complete pack......

So in all there will be 5 winners.....

There might be new games added and more winners . Or I might do another challenge for the other games.

I think I have 2 awesome naughts to give away ......

So I want either a photo taken by you of fall ( the season, not an old lady breaking her hip..... )or a hand drawn picture



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