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Extra Life Fundraiser and Giveaway!

Hey guys. Not sure why I didn't post this here earlier, but I'm doing a giveaway as part of an Extra Life fundraiser! Here's how it works.

As always with Extra Life, the money being raised is going to the Sick Kid's/Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Specifically, this year, I'm raising for Hamilton McMaster Children's Hospital. Any amount at all is helpful, but for those willing to donate a little extra, I've got a bit of a "thank you".

For every $20 donated to my fundraising page, your name will be entered into a draw to win a brand new Xbox One with Kinect. These entries are stackable, so the more you donate, the more chances you have to win.

$20 = 1 entry
$40 = 2 entries
$60 = 3 entries
$80 = 4 entries
$100 = 6 entries
<-- Extra entry for those who donate 100.

These of course stack again and again, so if you donate $200, you get 12 entries... etc. etc.

Now to be clear, you are not buying tickets for a draw. That would make this a lottery, and it has been suggested I avoid doing things that could be seen as gambling (even for a harmless charity fundraiser). Instead, you are donating to an awesome cause, and I'm just thanking you by entering you into a draw, where the prize has been bought by me (tricky worded loophole).

Anyway, my Extra Life gameday stream will begin on November 07 at 8am, and go until November 08 at 8am. Donations eligible for this giveaway will only be accepted until <b>November 08 at 6am. After that, I will collect any last minute donations that have come in, and announce a winner at 7am. Donations can be made for the rest of the year, but only donations up to November 8 at 6am will be accepted for the draw.

Currently, this draw is only open to residents of Canada (because shipping an Xbox One to the US might prove rather costly, and I'm already a few hundred into this as it is. lol If I do find a cost effective way to include the US, I will let you all know.

To make a donation (and see a more official write up of the details), go to my fundraising page at:

Now even if you can't donate, or perhaps you are donating to another person's Extra Life page, I do ask that you help spread the word a little. Tell your friends, family, twitter followers... whoever. I mean, you could walk away with an Xbox One with Kinect, for as little as a $20 donation to Sick Kids. Can't really see the downside to that one.

If you got any questions, feel free to ask. If not on here, you can reach me on Twitter at @NorthernZoot.

Thanks again.
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