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Not sure how many people here play SMITE (my referral link, you'll get some bonuses as you level up and for any time played with me), or if any are interested in trying it out. I mainly play on the PC, my IGN is Sintacs if anybody else if up for playing ever. I made a thread giving away some Xbox One Beta codes a while back, and now I have 4 PS4 Beta codes. If anybody wants one shoot me a PM and I'll send one over.

Unrelated to SMITE, I have 3 Paladins beta invitations available as well if anybody wants to check that one out (same developer as SMITE).


  • I have SMITE installed and I bought Sol because she looks cool but I haven't invested that much into it. That being said the option to buy all the champions for $30 sounds very tempting to me. If I see myself playing it a bunch I might consider it.
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    The Ultimate God Pack is definitely a good deal, the best deal in MOBA's that use the same shop style. It's kind of like buying the game for $30 really. I just wish more games would offer something similar, this is something that would give me incentive to get back into LoL if Riot offered something like that.
  • Sadly we only get sassy space dragons :(
  • I'm interested in this does it feel like a 3rd person shooter? How would you describe this. I had fun with hero's of the storm
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    It feels faster paced than the isometric MOBAs. I suppose it feels a little like a third person shooter if you're playing a ranged character, though you can't aim up or down, you always fire attacks at the same level, but you can look up into the sky (useful as some Gods have ultimates that will put them in the sky). I personally think it takes a little more skill to play than the isometrics as well since everything is a skill shot (even basic attacks), and you don't have full line of sight around your character like an isometric, so people can sneak up behind you if your map awareness isn't the best.

    There's also several different modes that all have their own feel to them:

    Conquest: the typical 3 lane 5v5 MOBA standard

    Joust (my favorite), 1 lane 3v3

    Arena: no real lane, open area, 5v5

    Assault: 1 lane, random God select,, 5v5, no return to base (same as ARAM on LoL)

    Clash: 2 lanes, 5v5, lanes come very close together in the middle of the map

    Siege: 2 lanes, 4v4, kill enough minions and you'll spawn a siege beast in one of your lanes, a very large and powerful minion that can really help push down towers, you can also spawn one by killing a jungle creep in the middle of the map. This one seems to be one of the less popular modes, a lot of people don't seem to like it much, but it's probably my second favorite mode.

    Match of the Day (MotD): randomized mode with different scenarios, things like everybody plays the same god and has infinite mana and 80% cooldown reduction, or maybe your teams God picks will go to the enemy team, and you'll get theirs. This mode is really fun for just goofing around in and experimenting. This one is particularly awesome on April Fools and some other days they really randomize it, as there is no specific game type, it'll be a random setup each time you play.

    No map image as it can happen on any of the existing maps/modes

    Just curious if anybody would have any interest in trying this one out. I know we have a lot of folks trying out HoTS, and the games do have their similarities, but this one if played in third person and plays a little faster.

    I was gonna make a general "3rd Person MOBAs" thread, but there really isn't many currently. Paragon requires a fairly beefy computer, and I think that is something that will hold that one back from being overly popular for a while. Battleborn is dead AFAIK (and buy to play), though I did hear they were supposedly making it F2P at some point, but who knows if that will be enough to revive it. So what it comes down to is SMITE, for its accessibility (free, runs well on most systems).

    I'm still playing it and still enjoying it. If anybody would be interested in doing a SMITE night we could get that setup. We could play a few matches VS AI to get folks eased into it, and I can hop on a new account for the sake of our matchmaking VS actual players. This game also has the best deal in MOBAs that use the hero purchasing system it has going (in-game or premium currency to buy heroes, free hero rotations), as you can drop $30 (though this goes on sale a few times a year) to buy all past, present, and future characters in the game. I'm actually really surprised Blizz doesn't have something like that in place for HoTS, it's not like they really need to milk the game as much as they do.

    Anyway, the game has a good variety of characters that should fit pretty much every playstyle, long range characters that specialize in basic attack damage, mages for long range ability damage, assassins for melee burst damage, warriors for more sustain in melee, etc. Definitely worth a shot for anybody who likes HoTS and thinks it would be neat to play in third person.

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    So SMITE is doing a kart racer mode very soon, I'm actually pretty stoked for this.

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