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Buying A New Phone

OzziOzzi Centurion
Hey All,
Any of you phone tech junkies out there?
I'm looking at purchasing a new phone, preferably an Android based device
I've thought about either a

Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge

I'll be upgrading from a Nexus 5, I really do like the Nexus brand, but i've heard good things about each of these phones from employees at Rogers.


  • Nexus 5x.

    I find the screen size of the 6P and G5 to damn big. The S6 Edge is very gimmicky, i would go with the standard Galaxy S6
  • If you want the most bang for your buck go with the LG G5 and pop a 128gb microSD card in. Thank me later.
  • OzziOzzi Centurion
    So i set my family up on a small business plan with Rogers. It took some convincing because my mom likes her old phone. And some work on my part with transfers of responsibilities and what not, but overall im saving everyone a ton of money. Ranging from 30-50/month.

    I bit the bullet on the S7, It was a tough decision between that, and the 6P
    I'll be going back sometime later this week once all of the phones are in to finish the plan.
    Everyone except my sister opted in for the S7, but it isn't too bad because i got them to give us the S7's at 125, with that 128gb microSD card. Plus there's $100 dollar signing bonuses for each line.

    Wheel'n and deal'n lol
    The guy offered me a job there if i wanted it too because i knew my shit.
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