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If you liked Limbo..... [Inside]

EchoGolfSierraEchoGolfSierra Centurion
edited July 2016 in General
You are going to love INSIDE. I am about 30-35 mins in and I just know once I finish it I will be starting all over!
No micro transactions, no season passes....this is game art...candy for your soul! Out on Xbone now!


  • DoosDoos Centurion
    edited July 2016
    All of the above is true... but it's also $20+ for about 3 hours. So keep that in mind. It's quite well done and did some stuff I'd not seen before.
  • I thought I got it for under $20 just this week, but I might be totally wrong. One thing I hate about the Xbone store if after you own a game you can't see the current list price.

    And at $20 it might not be for everyone.... but I drop $20 bucks going to see a movie without thinking about it.....and this is a much more enjoyable 3-4 hrs for me ( I am old takes me longer to play)

    But yes good points Doos!
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    added the game title to the thread title to make it easier to find.
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