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RajioRajio Centurion
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  • SintacsSintacs Centurion
    Has anybody watched Mr. Robot? I really enjoyed season 1, just watched it a few months back on Shomi, super hyped for season 2 (next week). Can't really explain too much of the plot without giving things away, but it revolves around Elliot. Elliot is a dude who works for a computer security company who's client, E Corp (referred to as Evil Corp by Elliot), is essentially a combination of Microsoft, Apple, and a few other giant corporations. When Elliot isn't at work, he's hacking people, never usually maliciously, but when he finds bad people, he deals with them. The first episode opens with him dealing with one of these people. Anyway, here's the trailers for season 1 and 2:

  • RajioRajio Centurion
    YES. I HAVE! Its a great show. The first season was phenomenal. it dealt with so many subjects so well. its really a beautifully made show. im a huge fan.

    I'm sure it will go down the rabbit hole for Season 2 but thats okay. I don't need 'more of the same' however much i like what we had with Season 1.
  • It's on my never ending list of shows to watch. I find these days when I get spare time, I'd rather game than watch TV.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    I've renamed this thread to flag that it may start to contain spoilers. Watch the show, dammit!
  • SintacsSintacs Centurion
    I'm really interested to see where they take it this season. I mean, I really didn't think they would succeed with the hack as it seemed like too big of a thing to happen, but they did.
  • I am almost ready for season It is really getting weird near the end of season One. Considering I suffer from PTSD it is a little scary the depth of the mental illness that is occurring in the show. I almost quit watching it....but will keep it going a while longer. I just finished the grave site scene where Cristian Slater goes poof.
  • ok so I finished off Season one..all excited for Season 2....but surprise surprise I dont see it on Shomi.... any idea where I can find it now? Or when Season 2 will roll out on Shomi?
  • SintacsSintacs Centurion
    Season 2 just started on Wednesday (on Showcase), probably won't be on Shomi till the season finishes.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
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    So I finally caught up with Mr. Robot.

    Holy shit i motherfucking knew he was in prison! They kept alluding to it. The framing of every shot in this show is extremely deliberate. Everything about his 'new friend', his 'routine', etc. But thats not all. There is still more going on. More with "Darlene" and "Angela" for starters. Since the end of Season 1 and where we are now we only know partial truths. There is so much to make sense of to reconstruct reality. What happened with the big hack exactly? Who did what? How exactly did elliot end up where he is and how. is there a plan? who is still an independent actor? what is still interpretive? are certain characters really dead or just 'dead to elliot'? got to figure out who's lens we're looking through.

    The best was mr robot doing to elliot for one episode, effectively what elliot has been doing to himself and to us (the audience) all season. And there is a lot in that episode to unpack too.

    More and more this show is resembling 'The Prisoner'

  • This show is unlike anything I've ever seen and I want more.
  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    I still need to get caught up, think I only saw the first two episodes, then was on vacation for a week and missed the next one, and it wasn't on Showcase on demand, so I haven't been able to catch up because I'm too lazy to stream or DL it from somewhere :(

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    Do you think this show has a spiritual connection with 'the prisoner' (60s TV show)? is Elliot really #1? Is Elliot a free man? Can we ever be sure who is working with or against him?

    Its difficult to differentiate separate entities. Sometimes what seems like two people I suspect may be just two sides of one person, for example. The show is about internal conflict lots of the time.

    I have theories

  • i just finished a marathon of season 2 and i really liked it

    makes you question the show's reality as much as Elliott's questions his own reality

    was there another post-credits scene and if so can someone tell me what it was? my DVR cut out....

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