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Online Technical Support Experience

JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion
edited August 2016 in Technical Support
Last night, I fired up the Desktop Application and it downloaded a new patch for StarCraft II; it was done in literally two seconds. Launched the game, and I got the Version Mismatch error and was unable to play. Tried several things with no luck, so I posted on the official StarCraft II Technical Support Forum.

I expected, at best, for other community members to maybe give me a suggestion or two, but I didn't think I'd hear from a Blizzard Entertainment rep until the next day given that it was around 9:15 pm EST.

Only a few minutes after posting, a Blizzard Entertainment rep replied with the solution. I had already found said solution via a Google Search (Scan and Repair), but the fact that someone from Blizzard Entertainment was replying this late, politely, and with relevant info really impressed me, especially with the kinds of stories most people have with online support in general.

Thought I'd post about that positive experience here, since most people rarely share such positivity and only post when they want to rant about something.

Anyone else has some excellent online support experiences, or support experiences in general, that impressed them?


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