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User levels and badges

RajioRajio Centurion

Hey everyone. We've had the 'reactions' and 'badges' on the site for a little while now. Enough time for everyone to earn a bunch of each and populate our leaderboards and stuff.

As a reminder the badges can be awarded automatically based on rules (within a certain set of options) or manually. Each badge also has a number of points attached to it (1 point for most badges)

Reactions are also 1 point each (like when you click 'insightful' etc below someone's post. thats a 'reaction')

We also now have user ranks. Right now there are only 2 ranks. Ranks can be awarded automatically based on how many points and/or posts a user has and the age of their account is. for example one rank we have now is 'centurion' which automatically is attributed to any user with both 100 posts and 100 points. our other rank is noob for anyone with 1 point.

These ranks can be purely cosmetic (I can make little icons or whatever to go next to your name like your badges for example). They can also have impact on user experiences. ie different ranks can give you a different set of permissions on the site, can give you different edit timeouts (high rank might let you edit your posts within an hour rather than 15 minutes for example), stuff like that.

As I said, right now there are 2 ranks. If we're going to use the user ranking system we should have more, right? how do you guys want to do this? I could just set a new rank for different numbers of points a user has a make it purely cosmetic perhaps. ie;

rank 1 = 1 point
rank 2 = 100 points
rank 3 = 250 points
rank 4 = 500 points
rank 5 = 1000 points
rank 6 = 2500 points

Any other ideas?

I kindof like basing it purely on points since those speak to a user's contributions more than just posts, and we already assign badges for every year anniversary of your site membership.

I'm looking for feedback and input here. Have at it.



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