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The look of DoG

RajioRajio Centurion
edited August 2016 in General

Hey everyone. I'm seriously considering giving the site a bit of a visual overhaul. Its fine as it is, and it works but I wouldn't mind a change.

I know everyone has their own preferences. Personally I've always been partial to dark aesthetics. I really like the look of old amber terminal monitors, and ASCII graphics. stuff like this;

I may go for that sort of look. Dark with light colored text. maybe very simple graphics. high contrast. Maybe dark greys and blacks, with some light blues and stuff for the text like you always see in movie interfaces.

Might make a new logo too?

Everything would mostly stay where it is, just colours and spacing and stuff would change.

Given that this would be a big departure from what we have now I'm curious what you guys would think if you woke up one day and the site looked like that.

In an ideal world I'd be able to set it up so users could toggle colour palettes and stuff. Having user-selectable day/night modes would be great but I don't know how to do that, unless someone with some php/javascript knowledge can help me or i find the right scripts and stuff to implement, thats on the wish list.



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