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Stranger Things *SPOILERS*

DoosDoos Centurion
edited August 2016 in TV & Movies

So, now some of you have watched this. If you've finished it, talk about it here.

So, when I watched this show I'd just had some dental surgery done. I was hopped up on goofballs and I'd smoked a bunch of weed when I watched the episode where the bad guys are zinging around in white vans and chasing the kids on bikes and 11 fucking brain flips the lead van.

I found the whole scenario so silly that I needed to rant about it to no one in particular. So I recorded it.

In hindsight, I feel that perhaps it was the flipping of the van and not the van itself that stopped them in their tracks... but at the same time.. if they're willing to murder some innocent restauranteur in cold blood they wouldn't be very opposed to A) Driving around a van and maybe bouncing over a curb or two and 2) Murdering some other kids to get their kid back.

Fucking 11 bleeds out her face every time she gets a little psychokinetic so y'know she probably can't brain flip all the vans..

Anyway.. still enjoyed the show. That part made me laugh. I hope my dumb ass thoughts on it brought some levity to your day.



  • EchoGolfSierraEchoGolfSierra Centurion
    edited August 2016

    Hey Doos, I didnt have a huge issue with that scene. My take on it was this...."Holy fuck 11 just flipped the fucking van now wtf"... up until now she has just bounced a few heads off walls, but this demonstrates a significant increase in her ability to wreck havoc.

    I gotta think personally if I am chasing someone down in a white van and someone flips another white van even partially blocking my pursuit I think they are sending a clear message to fuck off and leave them alone. And I would be receiving that message loud and clear.

    If I could suspend belief long enough to accept the original story line...a little van flip/bike escape doesnt bug me.

    I really enjoying the late 70s early 80's vibe they were rocking with the show. I spent more than a few evenings in the early 80s in a buddy's basement playing D&D. By 1981 I had progressed to my first car but ya I remember a few years before that.... my buddies and me riding our bikes all over the city. No one in a car would ever have caught us either...I know the cops tried a few

    Simple years...good times... great vibe.. that is what hooked me on this show.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    It's a good scene. But the look on the guys face.. like it's this light-hearted consternation that looks like it's just about to break into a 'Oh you kids!' smile. It's hilarious because of the gravity of the situation.

    I mean, yeah, I've been chased by people on my bike before. But not by hell portal scientists who commit murder to cover up their escaped demons child kidnappings. That seems like the kind of chasing that shouldn't stop with an upside down van.

    But I guess if I were the bad guys, maybe I'd stop a beat if my prey is suddenly flipping vans with their mind, maybe.

    Just made me chuckle.

  • I guess that was kind of odd. Still had fun with it, the monster was kind of lame though could have been more monstery, idk I cant describe how I feel about it well, blaming tiredness

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    I didn't mean to take the whole conversation to that one scene..

    I really dug the show. Those guys (Duffer bros?) basically bottled nostalgia and shot it all over my face.

  • I have one more episode to is such an awesome show.

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