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PSA: Playstation Plus Price Increase Sept 22.

OzziOzzi Centurion
edited August 2016 in Shopping
Hey all I'm just letting you all know that Playstation Plus will be going up to $69.99 CAD from 49.99 starting September 22.

I will be stocking up on a few as it just adds to your sub date.


  • I guess I'm buying two years later this week
  • And surely soon after Xbone will follow with a raise of their own... Gaming is really starting to get expensive :(

  • I will let PS Plus and Live expire...I don't do any MP anymore...and the free games haven't floated my boat for a while...$20 is a big jump anyway, unless there were going to be huge improvements I don't see the point in paying.

  • OzziOzzi Centurion

    I ordered 3 years off Amazon.

    I recently got a 10 dollar credit from an order that had some shipping issues, i then did the 50 dollars worth of gift cards then get 10 bucks back promotion so all in all i got two of my subs at 39.99

  • @MSQGanner said:
    And surely soon after Xbone will follow with a raise of their own... Gaming is really starting to get expensive :(

    Starting to?

  • Okay, gaming has been expensive as shit since the dawn of time...and they found ways to make it worse lol

  • @VanishedNine said:
    I will let PS Plus and Live expire...I don't do any MP anymore...and the free games haven't floated my boat for a while...$20 is a big jump anyway, unless there were going to be huge improvements I don't see the point in paying.

    Yeah. Some dig up one of my old posts about the overpriced nature of Xbox Live from almost a decade ago and paste it here. Still applies :p.

    But seriously though a $20.00 increase is large indeed; that's a 40% price increase if I'm not mistaken.

    Just another reason for me to not bother picking up a current generation console.

  • I am speculating here but my guess is Sony is just price matching to MS. But to be honest guys....I dont think we can complain about the cost of games currently in this market when you compare it to the cost of other hobbies and or entertainment. If you are a smart shopper and take advantage of situations just like this there are some great deals.

    Hell the xbone is so cheap it is almost insanity not to own one if you are a gamer. if you look at cast per hour of enjoyment...gaming still has great value for me!

  • With an average 20% hike in prices over the past 2 yrs i wouldn't call that cheap.

    In fact, last time we've seen such an increase in prices was during the SNES era which nearly sent the industry to a 3rd crash. And their "adjustment according to canadian money" BS doesn't work either since they didn't lower the prices while the canadian dollar was on par with the american one.

    In all, it will affect the AAA industry in a negative way (they'll release less games, including more DLC and expensive season passes) while pushing hard to keep revenues at a status quo.

    Also, when increasing prices like that it dismishes the affordability of average consumers meaning they'll consume less thus affecting the whole economy. So yeah, really no good news around the industry these days.

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    Well different people have differing habbits. I know for me I usually stick to one or two 'main games' a year which i invest all my gaming hours into mastering. those games are a no brainer on a cost-per-hour basis (right now thats overwatch for me). i'll often try out other games as a break from those. while the cost/hour for those games isnt as great (Fallout 4 for example totally didnt do it for me for some reason), its balanced off by the ones i play a lot. if i look at my overall gaming budget per year and factor in subscriptions, hardware costs etc it all evens out to a pretty good value compared to other hobbies. my habbits influence how i shop and what i buy. i look carefuly at titles, looking for those games i can really get lost in for hours since i know thats what im looking for.

    But i know other gamer that have to pick up every major release, and want to play everything. For them it adds up fast and the cost of being a gamer is a different proposition entirely.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion
    I dont know. I'm a gamer and spending 400 on a new console especially come or ps4 makes no sense. Since most games are also coming to PC. I'd be more inclined to keep buying Nintendo consoles to supplement my gaming
  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    I'll probably let my Xbox Live sub expire for the first time since I originally subbed on my 360 in it's launch year. I've been doing next to no multiplayer on my 360 or Xbone, the free games offered generally aren't anything special, or games I don't already own. Plus, with most, if not all of the big upcoming Xbone titles being available on PC with cross-play, my Xbone is kind of rendered redundant since I have a gaming PC.

  • Better renew before then.

  • Sept 1 I will lock PS4 plus for a year or 2

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    I'll definitely be grabbing 2 years of PS+, even though I don't do a ton of multiplayer on my PS4 either, I do use a lot of the features it offers, and I definitely like having it to keep my Vita saves backed up, mainly because I'm on a 64GB card again, and the first one I had ended up crapping out and corrupting saves, definitely don't wanna be restarting any games I've dumped a lot of time into again.

  • So, according to IGN, Sony is about to expand PS+ services to PC... May explain partly the hike in subscription prices

  • Oops...wrong thread... Can someone pls fix it?

  • If I dont get an purchase will be a vita....I need a hand held

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    @EchoGolfSierra The Vita has quickly become my all-time favorite handheld. Yes, there are some downsides to it, like the proprietary memory cards that are fairly expensive (and limited to 32GB [usually around $60] max in NA, though you can import and use a 64GB [usually around $100], but lose out on any warranty support for the card). The 1000 model with the OLED screen is great (though probably impossible to find at a good price now), the screen is gorgeous, and a lot of games really look impressive on it (Muramasa Rebirth is stunning). The battery life can be a little on the short side depending on what you're playing, but overall, isn't bad. The battery also keeps charge very well when asleep, I've left my system on for almost a month without touching it and the battery was only about half of what it was previously, my 3DS XL on the other hand, would be dead within 48 hours asleep. My biggest suggestion if you're considering getting one is look into the games it has and make your decision on that. It no longer really gets much Western support, but there were some western AAA games made for it early in it's life (Killzone Mercenary is really good). Now it gets a lot of indie support, as well as a steady flow of games from Japan. If you think you can find enough games on it to justify a purchase, I definitely recommend getting one.

  • @Sintacs I am shocked to hear you say that about your 3ds xl ...I just sold my standard DS because I hadnt turned it on in 2 years...I had no idea what it was charged to when I shut it off...but it still was over 50% when I turned it on. They must have dropped the ball at Nintendo when they went 3d maybe.

    I like the idea of pairing the vita to my PS4 but not sure how it works or if I would use that function as much as I think...but seems cool.

    That is one of my attractions for the NX having a portable that can also pair with/as a TV console.

    I often thought MS missed the mark not going into the handheld market. I had always imagined a 360 controller with a 6 in screen attached where the LB and RB buttons are. And that you could sync with your 360 and play any of your arcade games on it!... oh well. I actually pitched the idea to MS yes ago when the 360 first came out. I got very polite favorable replies from everyone I spoke to... but nothing ever came of it.
    RROD started up about then and I am guessing they had enough hardware issues to deal

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    @EchoGolfSierra I mean, the battery life is fine if you shut it off each time you're done using it, but if you just fold it and leave it in standby, it eats a reasonably large amount of charge. You can improve that a bit by switching off the wifi on it, but even then, that maybe only doubles the already short sleep battery life.

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