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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion
edited August 2016 in Technical Support

So around the last weekend of each month, I look for and perform all the software and driver updates available for my PC. The first thing I check is Windows Update, and of course this found and installed the Anniversary Update.

The frustrating part for me is that I'm the kind of guy that likes to keep his system clean and organized, and thus with any new OS I always do a clean install as upgrades oft lead to problems and driver conflicts.

It turns out that the Anniversary Update isn't a traditional update, but is actually a completely new build of the OS. So not only did it take a while to install, but basic virus scans (something I do weekly) now take twice as long due to all the extra file clutter left behind (Windows Defender normally takes around 45 minutes to scan my system, it took over an 1hour and 30 minutes last night).

I know I can remove those previous OS back up files, but I don't want to do so yet in case something goes drastically wrong.

In addition, my system now takes a minute or more to boot up, where before it took a few seconds. I'm confident a clean install would fix that. I also need to see what else this "upgrade" has screwed up.

I'll be creating a new Install disc likely on Monday, and expect to format my system over the long weekend. Which is also frustrating as I like to format my system once a year, and that's in the spring. Since this and future OS builds are mandatory, looks like I'll be doing it every time Microsoft feels like inconveniencing everyone with updates that aren't.

You also can't turn off Cortana anymore outside of a registry edit, so now more of my system resources are being used up uselessly.

The irony is the majority of the new features this version of the OS brings don't mean anything for me; I would have preferred to stick to the "Threshold" release of Windows 10.



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