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Got to love Governments

So I retired from the Canadian Forces in 1999 I was almost 35 years old. I had fucked my back bad and was medically released and given a small but respectable military pension. I wanted to stay in but I was no longer deployable so....shit happens. I worked for most of the past 17 years never being rich but always comfortable. For the past 3 years I decided to go to school, When the VA heard about this at an annual review I was offered some help.

So last year out of the blue I get a request for a psych evaluation. I had been operational during my last 6 years deployed 180-300 days a year all over the world in all sorts of shit. I always knew I had some PTSD but figured that was just part and parcel so I just dealt with it.

So after the evaluation comes back with the diagnosis of Longterm Chronic PTSD I have been seeing a OSI therapist weekly for 4-5 months. Ok Not fun...but dealing with it.

Got a letter the other day saying that based on my diagnosis of PTSD I have been given a disability award of $31058.86 for pain and suffering. I have no clue how the hell they came up with this number, and I cant help to wonder what I had to survive to get the other 14 cents.... but hey I am not complaining really....just a little confused.

Been retired for 17 years....was last in an Operational Theatre about 20 years ago. and it takes them this long to come up with this number??

The best part is they say I have no option to appeal this award ( like I was gonna?) because the process isnt over yet that at some point in the future I could be awarded additional funds and at that point I can appeal. My thought is,....well hold on, if it took them 20 years to get to this long do I have to live before getting my final decision??

And before anyone asks...the wife already has it spent so you can forget about a loan ( although I might consider paying someone to fix this fucking board so I can use my badges) :)


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