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Just ask @Raj

Well, I was surfing my Bestbuy flyer and clicked a link about configuring multiple monitors...and what do my wondering eyes see... our very own Raj is a Bestbuy tech expert blogger! It was very cool reading his blogs.

So I figured I would just post my question to you here Raj.... I have a real nice laptop that I have a second display connected to. I also have an HDMI out on this laptop and when I want to stream Netflix to the 41 in TV that is what I use. But it reroutes sound control to the TV ( which I like but wouldn't be idea for a third monitor)

Can I get a Y split video cable and fool my laptop into thinking that the two 21 in displays are just one big display. Basically, I would love to have two 21 in displays one on each side of my laptop.

I would basically be using 3 displays including the built in laptop display.

I know I could build a desktop to do this....but would like to use my laptop

It is a Lenovo Z710 Ideapad I7-4700MQ @ 2.4 and 2.4 Ghz
16 GB ram
Nvidia GeForce GT 745M with 1 GB ram


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