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When the F are Game developers going to learn??

I sorry but I am really sick of hearing people complain about games getting lost in the shuffle because everyone is releasing in Oct/Nov. ( if you havent heard that is the buzz about Titanfall2)

If you dont want to get lost in the shuffle....release at a different time. There are plenty of times during the year where the player base is screaming for something new to play. But all of these idiotic companies plan their year around an Oct/Nov release, it is moronic.
This age old concept that christmas has to drive all sale for the year is out of date. Doom is a perfect example. If Doom had of released now it would have been a flop, but because it released when there was nothing else to play more people tried it, reviewed it and fell in love with it. Then the player base blew up as the news spread.

Want a list the games that should have come out in May and would have been more successful if they had?
Batman return to Arkham
Bioshock remastered
SKyrim Remastered
Ninetendo classic mini console
And yes TitanFall 2

But no all this shit and more will come out Now to compete for Christmas $$$ and lots of it will be an economic failure all because it was released at the wrong time! In Real estate they say Location, location, tech ( especially games) it should be all about the timing!!! Get it out there, in a clean version, when there is nothing else out and then watch the groundswell of love gamers will give ya!


  • That was the knock against Rise of the Tomb Raider last came out the same day as Fallout 4

  • Another difference between "the golden age," as I called it in another thread and now is that today gaming truly is a big budget business.

    So you have more traditional business strategies in play, such as holiday releases.

    It makes sense based on what the industry has become.

  • I disagree Jux, I dont think holiday released have made sense for over a decade, probably closer to 2 decades ago. The problem is most companies are run by past marketing execs and most of them have been out of school 30+ years. I am afraid we probably have another 15+ years to wait for some fresh blood to hit senior positions.

    It is a lot like when Apple and Jobs made Steve Scully the CEO of apple. He was a marketing genius with pepsi but that industry experience didnt translate to the fast paced tech world.

    It almost killed Apple.

    Why does battlefield go up against Cod every year. Because a bunch of execs need something to measure their dicks with. No other reason, it has nothing to do with the is pure ego

  • @EchoGolfSierra You misunderstand me, I didn't mean I agree with it, I mean it makes sense with how the business is run today by the execs who do it for much of the reasons you mentioned.

  • Titanfall 2 would have been fine now if it wasn't for CoDIW coming so soon after. BF1 and TF2 are quite different games, despite being from the same ganre, and they definitely cater to different kinds of gamers. The differences become even smaller when you look at something like TF2 and CoDIW though, both are futuristic shooters with all kinds of parkour and gadgets, but one has mechs too. As much as I don't like CoD in general (though I've been loving the futuristic entries in the series), it's still going to outsell both of the others combined. TF2 may have been better off with a December release, as it would have given people some time with CoD, who may want a little more, so they now hop over to TF2 for the mechs. I honestly really want to get both TF2 and CoDIW, but being tight on cash, I went with CoD because it will likely have a better campaign, has a zombies mode for the co-op goodness, and the standard MP. Since this is the first TF game to have a campaign, I'm definitely going to be a little more hesitant with it, though I'll likely end up picking it up late this year or early next year. As much as I loved TF, TF2 is the one getting the pass from me in this release window.

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    All I'll say on the matter these days is 'business decisions can be much more complicated than the consumer may notice. there are usually many factors involved and aside from things like artistic vision, decisions are frequently results driven.'

  • @Sintacs the TF2 campaign has been pretty good so far. started it yesterday and i've been enjoying it

    and i love the MP

    on topic, i would love to see more big games released in the summer, but i don't think that will happen

  • @Rajio said:
    All I'll say on the matter these days is 'business decisions can be much more complicated than the consumer may notice. there are usually many factors involved and aside from things like artistic vision, decisions are frequently results driven.'

    OK gaming marketing guru...teach is gaming different from the rest of the consumer tech industry?

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