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Electric Playground Network on Youtube.

I think many of us watched and loved EPN over the years. It was a great source of pride that the best video game show on TV was Canadian for many years. I mourned when Rogers dropped the agreement with EPN.
Victor Lucas ( host and owner of all things EPN) is transitioning from daily content on TV with a full crew to daily content on Youtube with virtually no crew. They are late to the Youtube roller coaster and seriously need some love and subs.

would love it if each of you would hit up the link and subscribe.

For all the old fanboys he is also loading up season one and two of Electric playground with Vic and Tommy hosting from back in the 90's

Seriously folks I never spam channels but this is important content for gamers and important content for Canada. Getting some serious sub numbers might help him get back on TV where this type of daily show belongs.

Please sub and share it with friends etc....



  • I've always like EP and ROTR but I always preferred the opinions of Tommy, and in the more recent years, Scott. I rarely agree with much Vic has to say about things it seems, and most of the content I've seen since he's been on YouTube has been pretty much the same deal for me, so I've ended up watching it less and less. Been subscribed since he started it up though.

  • I was the other way....I really struggled with Scott C jones as a host....until he was gone and now I miss his dissenting views.
    Vic says the same thing...the best reviews were always with 2 people who often had significantly different perspectives. He gets together with the old cast from time to time via skype for Vic's basement episodes

    But ya I can see that Sintacs

  • I'm not saying I liked Scott, he was kind of a douche, but I generally agreed with his views on games. Tommy was definitely the best though, the show just wasn't the same after he left.

  • ya I am working may way through all the old episodes on youtube....I forgot how good he was

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