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Westworld [possible spoilers]

anybody else watching westworld? i'm finally caught up.



  • RajioRajio Centurion

    I'm not fan of the music selection - its a bit of a ham-fisted selection of songs with way too much radiohead. it could be much more subtle and interesting. feels like they're just punching me in the face with 'look. its a modern song. but like an old timey cover version. get it?' all teh time.

    in fact there are a lot of things that the show seems to think is subtle but isn't. the whole thing with the flies at the beginning - omg how many times do you have to show us a fly landing on someone to indicate what they are? i get it, already! I get they wanted that fly-slap moment to have some relevance but given the opening fly-eyeball bit, it would have been enough.

    the show looks engineered for as much nudity and violence as they can cram in to make it quintessentially HBO. HBO really wants to reinforce that their channel will show violence and nudity like no other. ok fine, i guess. but a lot of times in teh show its dumb and pointless (where as in other parts of the show it could actually be added to help .... but they dont!)

    lets see, what else .... not enough swearing. i mean come on, they made deadwood yet nobody in westworld has said 'cocksucker' once!

    i'm also usually not a fan of non-sequential storytelling that jumps back and forth and all over with timelines with flashbacks and shit ... but i guess its intrinsic to this show, so fine. i'll accept that.

    I also have some heckles like in that 'basement' when they first go in, the elevator door opens and water rushes out like it was flooded. the guy says it was flooded. but then they go in and ... where was all the water? they go down an escallator ... so the water couldn't have been as high as the elevator. rob ford is found sitting in storage down a level so that area couldn't have been flooded. what gives? also in that storage area, so many hosts are standing around but some are in body bags? why the difference? shouldn't they all be stored the same?

    if its a society that has cured all disease and even death, then A: why are some people rich and others not? how does that society work?? wouldn't there be equality in this society, especially with so much tech? also B: they say rich people pay to come to westworld to feel a sense of power in their otherwise powerless lives. since when are rich people not powerful? MAKES NO SENSE! and C: they change the storylines to keep things fresh. build new cities etc. so why keep it a western all teh time? add variety by making it not an old west town then.

    don't mind me. i like to heckle and find problems lol.

  • in the movie there were worlds for the "Future" as well as Roman and Medieval versions

    i don't know if they will factor into the finale or be used down the road

    there are plotholes, but i've enjoyed watching it for the most part

    it progressed from a bit of an iffy start

  • season finale was pretty good

    too bad fan theories took the surprise out of a lot of it....

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    I was disappointed how they glossed over the best parts of bill's story - watching him go 'heart of darkness' mode would have been better rather than making it just a quick flashback. Also would be interesting to see how he came to own a majority share, how he became rich (took over his wife's fathers business ... but what is the business, how did he take it over, exactly, what happened with is brother in law, etc). i dunno, that whole part of his story that we missed seems interesting to me yet we just glossed past it straight to the end where he smiles (happy the game is finally real, and that the hosts can fight back). that was his goal all along being the villain, the help bring that out of them. he knew that when they suffered they came the closest.

  • i think the flashback were fine and that scene was handled well, especially since William is the "Man in Black" was a popular fan theory early into the show.

    i do want to know what happened to Logan though. all we know is that whatever William did to him ended up giving him control of the company and i agree that more details there would've been great

    lots of other questions were left unanswered:

    we didn't learn the fate of Stubbs or Elsie. were they killed? were they held captive somewhere?

    was it Ford who was modifying and directing Maeve? does that mean she isn't "awake" yet?

    is Ford actually dead? or was it a robot? it looked like he was building something in his robot family's place. season 2 is supposed to explore his motives during the finale, so i'm looking forward to that

    the show's creators also hinted that season 2 will be focused on "chaos" after season 1 was defined by "control"

    i don't know if they will ever touch on it because it isn't really the focus of the show, but i'm interested to see what life is like outside of the fantasy worlds too

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    another thought - why were there so many blast doors all over the compound? i see the security room, fine, but everywhere else? seems more like an air lock sort of thing. is there something wrong with the outside? are they under water or on the moon or mars or something?

    also whats teh story with the investor saving westworld after the albert massacre? it couldn't have been bill because he only first experienced westworld after it had been open for a while (his brother in law had been many times before him) and the investor saved the project so that the park could open in the first place. theres got to be a story there.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I'm going to have to watch this show .

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    i dont know if any of them are awake yet, i think they all have to suffer more. thats what bill was doing - making them all suffer to bring them closer to conciousness. because he saw in his gf that when she suffered she came closest. he wanted them to be more human and for westworld to be more real. he only went villainous to push the hosts to realizing their potential. perversely he did all that out of love for his gf.

    ford could be dead. or a robot could have died. we know he was able to make hosts off the grid in his secret lab. so thats all up in the air. i dont think any of them are fully self aware yet. mave and deloris are verging on becomign self aware but im not sure they are yet. they also dont seem to be independent yet. i suspect they have to suffer more and that season 2 will be about their actions now being able to have real world consequences. then they can learn regret. then they can learn responsibility and introspection (to become self aware).

    i'm also curious if the hosts will learn transcendence - to live beyond their bodies (maybe as a collective conciousness like skynet or at least being able to transplant their conciousness from one 'body' to another. that'd be crazytown)

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    oh and what are they doing with all that data about the guests - maybe using it to create host doubles of them?

  • Ford was the one pulling the strings to help Dolores break free of her loop and he used William to do it. When she realized how cruel William had become, she fought back and shortly afterward she was finally able to hear her inner voice

    then she decided to take back their world by going kill crazy

    Ford was also probably the one who modified Maeve and presented her with the choice to escape or seek her daughter. i still don't know if that means she is thinking for herself, but that was the theme of the season

    the hosts in cold storage, along with Dolores, Maeve and maybe Bernard appeared to be the ones to awaken

    Ford seemed to realize at the end that the hosts needed to be conscious and suffering/trauma was needed to inevitably help them fight back. He was helping finish what Arnold started with the reveries. I think he grew to agree with Arnold's train of thought. I'm glad that they will go further into depth on that aspect in season 2 because it could certainly use some clarification

    Ford was a great character because you never really could get a handle on him. he was ruthless one moment and then compassionate the next

  • i agree though that they (the hosts in cold storage, Dolores, Maeve and Bernard) probably aren't fully conscious yet and Ford probably knew that too, which is why he said that they need to suffer more in order to escape

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