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Tis the season to ask for shit

DoosDoos Centurion

Whatcha all asking for?

I'm looking for some DnD books and some more dice. The group is going pretty strong and we should get some good games throughout the holidays because half of our group are teachers.

The wife wants Outlander season 2 because she loves the show/books but she pirates all the episodes so she likes to own the discs 'cause she wants to support the creators. I do the same with Ash vs Evil Dead. (Which we both love and think can do absolutely no wrong) She also got some thigh high socks (fucking shwing!) and I got her some chokers because apparently the 90's are back and they give me a boner too. I don't know why. I assume most of you dudes around here probably feel the same. Chokers are sexy as hell.

The kid is getting his first big boy bed. He's 4 now and still sleeping in his crib. I mean, it looks like a bed now 'cause it's one of those transforming ones but he's almost grown out of it. He's also big time into Batman (He's never seen anything with Batman in it.. he just knows who he is and thinks he looks cool! And he's right) so I got him some action figures and a big ol' Batmobile.. plus some lego and shit.

Kids are easy to shop for. We asked him to circle stuff he wanted in a toys r us flyer and he circled 90% of it. I remember doing the same when I was his age (and older) and it's funny as hell watching them do it.

Tis the season to reprimand him with 'Santa doesn't give toys to bad kids!' for his missteps. You can see the fear of god in 'em with those threats.

I heard a great idea from somewhere. Wrap up a bunch of empty boxes and when your kids drive you nuts throw them in the fire.

That's awesome. Wish I had a fireplace.

Anyway.. whatcha all giving, getting. What're your dreams, DoG? Talk to me.



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