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I Tried VR and I liked it!

DoosDoos Centurion

Went to a buddies last night for a VR party. He'd hired a dude to come over with his set up and invited a bunch of us for drinks and play time and it was a total blast. It was the HTC Vive setup and he had a ton of games to go along with it.

I took to it like a fish to water. No nausea or feeling of sickness or whatnot, just pure immersive ass kicking.

Played a zombie game where you're stationary holding a flashlight/knife in one hand and a pistol or what have you in the other and taking on zoms approaching from 360 degrees. Totally fun.

Another mini game where your castle is being stormed by dudes and you're shooting a bow and arrow was quite popular and another where flying robots were attacking and you were shooting and whipping them and all sorts of cool shit, slo mo dodging bullets and throwing up a shield all while blasting away with a gun in the other hand.

So cool. It was really fun. Anyone else have a shot at it yet?



  • I've messed around with Google Cardboard a bit, fwiw. After the initial, say, half-hour of fascination, none of the gaming experiences were very notable. I was kind of more impressed by the video content... climbing a skyscraper, or being in a Force Awakens scene... but they were so short -- due, obviously, to the huge amount of data required... beyond the technology itself, we need a better/faster data stream?

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