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i5 vs i7, nVidia GeForce GTX 960 vs 1060

Hey all,

I know many of you know your hardware, so question: My old man is again considering replacing is PoS Vista system he bought in early 2009.

If all goes well, he might actually look into buying something in a week or two, and I want to encourage this.

My major questions right now are in the subject title: the big difference between the i5 and i7 processors, and the 960 and 1060 GTX nVidia cards.

For example, and i5 6600 3.3 Ghz vs an i7 6700 @ 3.4 Ghz, is it worth it to move to an i7? Keep in mind, he'll likely look to keep the system for 5 years plus.

Same with the graphics cards, as a better number doesn't necessarily mean a better card. I've seen 960's listed for higher than 1060's, so is the 960 actually a superior card, more or less?



  • I guess it would depend on what he's using it for. To be honest if he is using it for gaming then go witht i7 and 1060. But before the 5 years is up, he'll have to upgrade again. At least if he is keeping up with latest games.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    If its for gaming, stick with an i5 and use the extra cash to get a 1070 instead. You wont have to upgrade for a long time.

  • @wikkiwild1 said:
    To be honest if he is using it for gaming then go witht i7

    i7s are great, but they're overkill for gaming. Unless you're doing a lot of multitasking, or video/photo editing and whatnot, you really don't need more than an i5. If he feels he absolutely needs the extra bit of GHz and i7 would have by default, he can always overclock the i5 a tad, but that really shouldn't even be necessary.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    For gaming you need a nice video card. I still say save the cash by getting an I5 instead and get the 1070 not the 1060.

  • I went the route of an I7 and the 1070 and I am very pleased and I did so hoping I could get a good three years before having to upgrade at all since I know I will be upgrading the xbox in the next year when scorpio comes out

  • Hey all,

    Thanks for your replies. This is what I'll recommend to him:

    • Intel Core i5 6600 3.3 GHz
    • 16 GB Ram
    • nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB
    • Windows 10 Anniversary Update Home Edition
  • I currently have an i5 and it was fine when I first got it but I was thinking that the i7 would be better for longevity. My i5 is too weak now to play any game released in the passed 2 years. Barely meets requirements for ESO.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Not every i5 is the same. I have an i5 and I run DOOM and Battlefield 1 on high at 50-60 fps

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    @Law212 said:
    Not every i5 is the same. I have an i5 and I run DOOM and Battlefield 1 on high at 50-60 fps

    This. I have an i7 at 3.4GHz, the i5 @Juxtapose listed is 3.3GHz, not really a huge difference there. Though obviously a modern i7 would be higher now, but still overkill. As long as a PC is setup with good airflow/cooling, you can overclock your CPU when it starts falling behind anyway, and get some extra life out of it, you don't really need to go all out on a good one to make it last.

  • Hey all,

    So it looks like this weekend coming we'll be doing this, and I'm excited for my old man.

    The specs have changed a bit though. Looks like it's now going to be:

    • Intel Core i5 6500 @ 3.3 GHz
    • 16 GB Ram
    • nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 4GB
    • Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    He saves a few hundred with those changes, which makes it all the more appealing in his eyes.

  • So today (well technically yesterday) I formatted my dad's new PC, which of course took several hours but all's good and clean on it.

    The full specs are:

    • Windows 10 Home Anniversary
    • Intel i5-7500 @ 3.40 GHz
    • MSI B250M Pro-VD Motherboard
    • 8 GB Ram
    • nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
    • 1 TB HDD
    • LG Writable DVD Drive

    He kept his existing monitor and speakers for now, bought a basic Logitech Mouse and Keyboard set, and will replace his printer shortly.

    I'll be popping back tomorrow to properly show him a few more things with the OS and how to use GeForce Experience to Optimize games. I left with it downloading StarCraft II, which I know he's looking forward to trying on his new system.

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