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Hey there fellow Geeks. Do you guys watch much YouTube? I tend to have it on for background while I do work on my laptop and sometimes I come across something I like and binge watch.

Usually I put on Impractical Jokers, or Bill Burr pod casts, sometimes I put on videos making fun of feminists or social justice warriors and so on, but I came across Game Sack.

Its a couple guys who talk about mostly old school video games. Topics go from "games that pushed the system" and "disappointing sequels.

They have all kinds of videos and the two are pretty funny at times. I like listening to them go on about older games. I think they replaced The angry video game nerd for me.

What do you guys watch?


  • I have several channels I'm subscribed to. Some stuff for Mortal Kombat XL, like the official site channel, Toronto Top Tiers, the Glasgow scene, etc., but most of that stuff has been pretty dead these last few months.

    I also watch Carbot Animations now and am subscribed to the StarCraft II Channel. When they actually do updates, I like Glove and Boots. Honest Trailers and How It Should Have Ended are great too.

    P.S.: If they don't talk about boobs and chicks in Impractical Jokers, your tags are clearly false advertising.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Everyone likes books and naked ladies.
    For movie reviews I like Chris Stuckman.
    I haven't watched much angry joe lately.
    And I still love pissing people off on those demon and ghost "actual proof!" videos.

  • I watch about 5-6 video game channels.

    Most out of Britian it seems...presently my favourite are a couple blokes out of London UK the channel is called pretty good gaming

    these guys crack me up....good quality stuff.
    And ofcoure I cant live without my EPN

  • I watch a lot of guitar videos. Just random reviews, tutorials, gear comparisons and that kind of thing. I also really like live music so I check out a lot of concerts. Unfortunately there is a metric fuckton of shitty cell phone footage to wade through.

    Lately I've also been watching a lot of those top 10 videos from watch mojo and other similar channels. Don't really know why though. I also go on speedrun kicks every now and again. Just super fascinated by it. I end up watching other people play video games more than actually playing them myself these days.

    Lastly, my wife started a YouTube series that is a science show for kids, so I end up watching that a lot with my daughter.

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    I'm not super big into YouTube stuff, but when I do get on, I'll generally watch whatever is new over at the Game Blitz Podcast, I'll generally watch Demolition Ranch for some fun with guns, he does neat stuff like propelling himself on a boat by firing guns. Gameranx is also almost always in my suggested stuff, so I've ended up watching a lot of their stuff, they have some interesting lists and preview-type things of games. Cinema Sins has some pretty amusing movie commentary. I also recently discovered That Does Not Compute, who has some decent reviews and stuff on games and tech. That's pretty much everything I watch frequently, and by frequently I mean maybe once or twice a week.

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