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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Since we're going to be playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, I thought I'd open a thread about it.

I installed the digital version of the game and its expansion last night, and thus far all's working well with it. For those that need to do so, not to patch the game to the latest version of of Classic you need to run the game as an Administrator (only to do the patch), otherwise it'll pop up after downloading the patch and say it's corrupt.

Also, your Classic account will be deleted after creation if you don't use it for 2 hours within the first 10 days of its existence. After that, you need to log in once every three months to prevent it from being purged for inactivity.

Similar for created characters, you need to play for 2 hours with the character in the first 48 hours, or it'll be deleted. I believe it's a login with the character once every three months after that to keep it around.

I created an Assassin, and plan to try her our a bit later today and get her to Level 4 simply to re-familiarize myself with the game.

For the digital install, does anyone know if the install folders and files can be deleted afterwards safely? Specifically, the folders/files are the D2-1.14b-Installer-enUS folder and D2LOD-1.14b-Installer-enUS folder located in my Local Disk (C:)>Users>(my Windows 10 account) folder and the BnetLog.txt and D2XP_IX86_1xx_114d.mpq files located in my Loacal Disk (C:) directory.

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