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The Ultimate DOOM Co-Op Game Night?

Just curious how many would be interested in doing this? We'd likely have to play using a port (Zandronum) as I'm not really aware or any "official" versions of the game that still support multiplayer/co-op. I can get most of the basics in Zandronum setup for any folks interested, and pack it in a .ZIP file, ready for extraction and play. I tested co-op with some bots tonight and it looks like we could probably have a good number of people going, the only drawback may be some telefragging when a level starts if we have a large group, but you respawn in co-op so it's not a huge deal.

I'd like to do a versus multiplayer night too, but I need to track down a few multimap deathmatch .WADs for it, as the standard levels kind of suck for deathmatches.

Also, I'll provide DOOM and DOOM 2 .WADs for the folks joining in, so you don't need to own the games to join if interested.

So, if we have enough interest in this, I'll get an event scheduled for it.

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