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Raspberry Pi Projects.... questions, advice, ideas...

So I searched and didnt find a thread specifically about Pi....And NO THIS IS NOT THE CAKE VERSES PIE THREAD!! So ya...lets hear, ideas...plans, links to sites...questions...etc

I really hope there are a few of us that are experimenting with this stuff


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  • so I got one just to mess around with....test things....learn Linux and python etc
    this will be my test unit to make arcade machines...and android boxes and home AI devices

    After I have mocked up some templates and designed and tested my circuits with etc. Then I will purchase new ones for each project.....

    My first project will be an arcade gaming machine....initially, bar top sized, but ultimately a full-size version and maybe a coffee table version.

    this should keep my brain busy for a few months

  • I was gonna get one to load Kali onto, but I'll probably just get a proper laptop for that at some point. I do still want to get one, will likely just throw some emulators on it and hook it up to my TV. I thought about making a mini arcade cabinet out of one but I'm lazy.

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