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Evolve post-mortem

RajioRajio Centurion

I was thinking about this game. it has SO much going for it. MASSIVE buzz from E3, Pretty good marketing, A solid publisher behind it, and it was fairly unique. But it didn't really sustain in the long haul. Any theories why? Lets do a post-mortem.

Of course I know you can make a stellar game and it can just happen to not do well. that happens all the time with so many factors including which other games come out at the time (see Titanfal 2 which by all accounts is a really good game)

I know they tried going F2P with Evolve for a while too.

I could probably do some research and look into it but I'm curious what you all think.



  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    It died because it was released with barely any content. Then the season pass was needed to get anything cool and it split the MP player base.

    Then microtransactions for skins were ridiculously high.

    Gameplay got really repetitive and boring.

    Not really a mystery

  • RajioRajio Centurion

    oh they split the player base??? thats a huge no-no if you want to esports it up

  • doesn't virtually every game do this with ranked/competitive play and normal/casual play?maybe I dont understand what that term means...Some players will only play competitive ( like Raj and OverWatch) others will usually only play casual MP ( like me in any game)

    I domt know how much of it was Marketing decisions, hell I dont even know for sure what decisions are marketing based and what are productions/operations. It seems to me the launch window was poorly timed ( like Titanfall 2) And I dont remember any exceptional marketing where I would I like that.

    Lastly creating a game strictly for E-sports is an insane proposition. There is no magical formula, and any small mistake in balance or gameplay can kill you.

    But this is just my unqualified opinion from the retirement home

  • The game was fun if you played with friends, trying to play with randoms quickly became frustrating as nobody would play their class properly and many would lone wolf it.

  • I never played the game at all, so I can't comment with authority, but from what I know of it I was never interested at all.

    For me, multiplayer only shooters are usually no-goes to begin with, but the way it was handling it's content (and lack there-of) and season pass was a major turn off.

  • i heard there were also plenty of bugs and balancing issues that turned people off quickly, which isn't surprising considering the beta felt half-baked on Xbox

    i said after the beta came out that chasing a creature-controlled player around the map wasn't very fun. the hide-and-seek gameplay was often pretty boring

  • I'd been meaning to try it when it went free to play, but I don't think I even downloaded it. It just never seemed all that interesting to me, and with all the DLC at launch (things that should not have been DLC at launch), it just made me avoid it completely initially. I feel like it died during F2P because they didn't really bother getting word out that it was free, I think they knew they were done at that point so they didn't even bother. It was definitely a game that I never understood the hype around, I feel like it was a game that was super hyped by the media, so people jumped onboard that hype train. I don't think I know anybody who played it for more than a week though.

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