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Happy Birthday Rajio!

A very happy birthday to our forum's founder, our own defiant Symmetra main: Master Switch!

Now quick, everyone report him for being a poor team player and for verbal harassment!

Seriously though, I think something fun to do would be to post some of the best Online grief you've gotten, since he's shared many of his online grief stories with us.

For me, I haven't publicly gamed much in recent years outside of Mortal Kombat X, and the PC version doesn't have text chat and no one uses mics.

About a year ago though I randomly got hate mail on Xbox LIVE; I think the guy read something on my old blog and disagreed with my opinion, but he didn't specify what. Instead he proceeded to tell me that apparently I was a "fucking faggot" and my cultural background was evidently Jewish with a host of obscenities attached. I reported him and action was apparently taken.

Many of you play online publicly a good bit, so I'm sure you have much better stories to share for a laugh!




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