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Hot Ones

DoosDoos Centurion

The show with hot questions and even hotter wings.

You guys seen this shit? If not it's a YouTube one-on-one interview show where a celebrity eats a hot wing and answers a question. The questions are usually great and interesting and Sean Evans is a natural at interviewing.. and there's something about watching a motherfucker DIE on increasingly hotter and hotter wings that really brings out the truth in 'em.

The celebs range from other YouTubers to Ricky Gervais, Key and Peele, pro Basketball players, rappers and just.. whoever. It's great.

Anyway, dunno why I never brought it up here previously but ya'll should check it out because guaranteed there's a great interview with a celeb you're interested in and goddamn.. those wings fuck them up.

The most recent is Tom Arnold CLEANING wings. Most people take A bite. Some have cleaned the wings before but Tom Arnold really shows you what a non-hot sauce eating motherfucker is going to go through to do this show.

Check it out.



  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Ill take a look. Might be funny

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I checked out a couple episodes. The one with Kevin Hart and the one with Ricky Gervais. I didn't find it all that entertaining. Theyd answer some regular questions, then after a bite of a wing with sauce , they make a comment "ooh that's getting hotter" then answer questions normally.

    Then near the end "ooh my mouth, I'm gonna shit fire" then back to answering a question..

    I didn't find it worthwhile at all..

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    Well at least you gave it a shot!

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I think part of why I cant get into it, is the host. Her has no charisma, he just kind of dead pan asks his questions. I didn't like the guy. Other people might like the show. I definitely like hot sauces so that game me some to look for.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    We're so different, you and I. I think Sean Evans is easily one of the best interviewers I've ever seen. He's upfront and personable and he usually coaxes the guests along into the world of pain but stays pretty humble when they're dying.

    There are some exceptions where he goads them a little but it's usually when they've already dug into him a bit. Like DJ Khaled.. who seems like a major tool. That was a funny one.

    In other news related to this show, it seems pot heads are unaffected by hot sauce.

    Tommy Chong cleaned his wings like it was nothing. He just ate 'em like he was hungry.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I might have to watch that one. Ill probably check out a couple more later on.

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion
    edited June 2017

    I watched the Tom Arnold one you linked, when he got to the Blair's sauce (was actually hoping to see one of those in there, I was not disappointed) and a ton came out on the wing, oh man, I love the Blair's shit, and that's a funeral right there. You could barely understand him after that one lol. I kinda agree with @Law212 about the host though, he just kinda seemed like a dude reading questions from a sheet, and the sauces didn't seem to even have any effect on him, unless he's one of those people that always eats the crazy hot sauces.

    I feel like talking about Blair's now though, they're great sauces, and they're not all insanely hot, despite being called "Death" sauce. The Sweet sauce is amazing on battered and fried fish, I won't eat fish and chips without it anymore. The Original is still fairly mild in terms of Blair's stuff, but it has some great flavour and kick, but it's not hot enough that you really need to be careful with it, you can load it on things and be fine. I usually use the Original with anything I'm having hot sauce on, it's my current go-to. The hottest two I've had of the Blair's stuff so far are just the After Death and Sudden Death (this one came in a coffin shaped box). After was the first Blair's sauce I'd ever tried, and not realizing just how hot it was gonna be, I put a ketchup strip worth of it on a hotdog and almost died. It was probably some of the most pain I've ever felt in my mouth ever, my head looked like it was dunked in a bucket of water, tears were pretty much shooting out of my eyes, it felt like there was molten tungsten in my mouth for like 30 min after the hotdog was done, but I did manage to finish the whole hotdog. I've been more careful since, and currently use the Sudden Death sauce when I really want some heat, 3-4 drops in with some wings when you shake em up in regular wing sauce is enough to create some pretty spicy wings, go about it and it can be an endurance challenge. I've also had a bag of the Death Rain chips, it took me two days to finish em (they're small snack-sized bags), it was painful, but not as bad as that hotdog. I found em at a local convenience store 3 years ago or so, but haven't seen them anywhere since.

    Think I'm gonna have to go make some Sudden Death wings now after all of this.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I remember there were some really hot chips around here I think blairs brand too, and at first they were soooo hot . Then I got used to them and it wasn't bad. I think I'm pretty good with hot sauces now. A lot more than I used to be. The only thing I hate is shitting hot fire the next day.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    @Sintacs I really don't find Sean Evans to be as lackluster as you two seem to but I do understand the point where he seems unaffected by the wings. I mean, the guy does this 1-3 times a week. Sometimes he dies a little but most of the time he's pretty collected. He actually talks about it a little bit on the most recent episode.

    You can watch him die eating the carolina reaper if you like.

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    I'd try a reaper, but I don't think I'd do it alone.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    I might try like a mimic of the Hot One's set up where you try all the sauces but I would never do a whole pepper. I'm terrible with spicy food.

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