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E3 Talk

E3 2017 is coming to a close and i was wondering what everyone thought of the event

Did anybody else find E3 to be really disappointing this year?

i mean seeing the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was fun and Anthem looks cool, but aside from that nothing really stood out for me

i'm looking forward to Battlefront 2, Days Gone and God of War, but they were pretty much what i expected

not seeing Bloodborne 2 on stage at Sony's press conference was very disheartening. there was so much buzz that it was going to be announced and now people are doubting if the game is even being made


  • I am also bummed that FROM Software wasn't there in any way. I was excited for another Soulsbourne game.
  • I found it to be lacking as well. Ubisoft's conference was fun, and the best one IMO. Sony just showed developers...I think they are going to focus more on announcing things at their PS Experience in December, that way they don't have to share the stage.

  • It felt like a standard E3 for me minus a few surprise announcements. I was hoping for some The Last Of Us 2 info but like @VanishedNine said, that's probably being saved for later. I'm not surprised that VR was hyped so much given that it's the "big thing" in gaming at the moment.

  • SmoreninjaSmoreninja Centurion
    I didn't really watch E3 this year. I just looked at what was announced after the fact. Sea of thieves looks fun. The Switch got some solid announcements. I want to feel the hype for anthem but it's not there at the moment. Spider-Man might be fun. Ass creed looks promising.

    I'm sure there were other announcements but I can't recall them.
  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    I didn't pay attention to it in the slightest, though I head the Spider-Man trailer for PlayStation 4 was great.

  • @Juxtapose all the trailers Sony had were very good...started with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and finished with Spider-Man...everything in between was good. It just seemed lacking...I can see MS doing what Sony does and having it's own event somewhere to make new announcements. They needed E3 this year announce Xbox One X (stupid name really) but if there isn't much next year they could do their own event and just use E3 like Sony stuff already announced.

  • Aside from Ashen and The Last Night trailers, nothing reslly seemed all that interesting to me. Same old sequels and re-releases of old games year after year.

  • I just can't get into the E3 thing anymore. It's good to see what games are coming but I just can't get excited.
    There is a couple of games that interest me, and hearing that the original xbox games will now be backwards compatable with the Xbox One.
    Other than that, meh.

  • SmoreninjaSmoreninja Centurion
    I'm starting to think my lack of excitement for E3 is due to two things.

    One is being older.
    The second is just there is no reason for me to get invested since most of what we see at E3 gets toned down during development anyways. I'm better off watching footage about the game closer to its release.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    I enjoyed E3 this year but was not really impressed by anything aside from God of War. Which just looks really pretty and the father/son dynamic will probably make me cry at some point.
  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion
    edited June 2017

    Zero Punctuation covered E3 in great fashion.

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