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Middle Earth :Shadow of War

EchoGolfSierraEchoGolfSierra Centurion
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So far I am enjoying this more than the first. But I might have to go back and play the first one again,

Lootboxes exist but they aren't an issue so far. Takes 10-12 hrs to finish first act. So far it is a really fun experience. There is tons of loot and leveling... no need so far to purchase anything.

I love the LOTR Brand, always have....hoping to see reboots or remasters from some past Middle Earth classics.


  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Did you buy the base game? Or did you get the complete game?

  • I did the early download preorder of the standard game. I had to go check to make sure.... I know I considered the upgrade to see if it was worth it

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I have the first game, and havent gotten very far in it. It gets boring after a few minutes and I dont like the combat in the game at all. I might try to finish it one day, but there are many better games out there to play and i think i got the complete edition for just over 5 dollars . Evne if I finish it, id buy the sequel for 10 bucks or less but until then , i think its over hyped. I liked some of the other LOTR games better.

  • EchoGolfSierraEchoGolfSierra Centurion
    edited October 12

    I struggled with combat in the first game too...this seems more organic... reminds me a lot of Arkham games.
    And unless I am mistaken these are the only 2 LOTR games available for current consoles so I am stuck playing them :)

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    For this gen prbably, but previous generations had a couple good ones. I have one on PC that is 3 player co op , hack and slash/ bow and arrow, gameplay with leveling up. It was tons of fun. I still play it from time to time. Its kind of like one of my favourite co op games, Hunted the demons forge.

    There was one based off the last LOTR movie which was 2 player co op and while hard until you level up it was fantastic. It was for the original xbox though.

  • the 4K cut scenes are cool as fuck. I love this console and TV :)

  • I got it free from Nvidia. Haven't played it yet.

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