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Big game release weekend... who is buying what?

AC Origins which is getting incredible reviews...8's and 9's
Wolfenstein 2 New just fucking insane
Mario Odessey which will likely win game of the year.... reviews are 9's and 10s

ultimately I will get all three... but I preordered Mario and Wolfenstein


  • DoosDoos Centurion

    The wife will be playing AC. I've lost interest in the franchise about 3 games ago.

    I'll be playing Wolf. Doom revitalized my joy for FPS's and I've been riding the wave into Id's other franchises. Although Wolf is significantly slower than Doom and is much more 'peek and shoot' it's definitely more of a fun experience with narrative.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Wolfenstein at some point. Odessey at some point if I get a switch but not assassins creed . it looks like it will get boring 2 missions in and microtransactions.....

  • SintacsSintacs Centurion

    I had Ass Creed pre-ordered but cancelled it earlier this week, money is kinda tight currently so I needed it for something else. The Egyptian thing is what makes me want to play it, when I do get around to picking it up, it'll be my second Ass Creed game (the first being Black Flag). I've never had any interest in the series, and still don't really, so it needs to have some sort of setting that I'd enjoy for me to bother. Outside of that, I haven't finished the last Wolfenstein yet, and won't be finishing it till I get a new PC, and I feel like I probably wouldn't get Mario, even if I had a switch.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    AC is pretty. I'll give it that. Watching my wife play it can be frustrating though.

    She acts like it's real life.. always with the sneaking and spying and plotting and hiding. Just move in, take out a couple with a stealth kill or two, release the damn prisoners and be off like a ghost. COME ON WOMAN!

  • I just got Destiny 2 on PC. Been a lot of fun so far
  • I got Super Mario Odyssey, Destiny 2 on PC and Assassins Creed Origins through the E3 sale for about $39.99 each (69.99 for Mario). Sold Destiny 2 on PC since I have already put so much time into the PS4 version and am thinking about selling Assassins Creed as well. I don't have time for another huge game on top of Mario and regular League sessions with friends.

  • I picked up South Park, and Assasins Creed Origins

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    South Park has the best difficulty slider in recent memory.

    Allegedly it does nothing though. I dunno.

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