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Power-line Vs. Extender Vs. AP Tech support

Hi all!

I have a question!

I upgraded my internet with Rogers to a Gigabit plan through a promo i was offered.

Anyways i was given a new modem to handle the higher speeds. Before i was using my Modem in bridge mode. which was connected to my D-Link AC 3200 Router.

Anyways I opted to use the new modem as my wifi connection as well.

Now, i am on the quest to upgrade my speeds upstairs in my home office. Right now i am using strict WIFI for my mac book, and a D-Link 1720 wifi extender to 'hard wire' my pc as it doesn't have a wifi card.

I have a question.

Is it possible to set up a powerline between a modem, and a router? the router i would put into AP (Access point) mode

I figured that would be the cheapest, and more reliable method, Than having a wifi extender.

Anyone have suggestions? Thoughts?

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