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What games are you playing right now?

I dont know if we had a thread like this already but ill start a new one if we did.

What games are you playing right now?

Personally I am playing a bit of The witcher 3 . I just find I dont have a lot of time to get deep into games right now which is a big shame because I am playing a few RPG games right now.

The others are Dragon Age Origin. I have had this game for years but keep starting over due to losing my save . This time I hope to beat the game. I have DA 2 and 3 so i want to get on with the series.

I am alsoo slowly working through Original Sin 2 . Its a tough game that is very punishing but also very rewarding

Also playing Star Ocean 4. Just released no PC. I played this on xbox 360 years ago.

As well as the usual Gears of war 4 multiplayer . They have the gearsmas events going on right now

Some injustice 2

I also play some older games, And im thinking of posting some gameplay and commentary videos on youtube of playing those games.



  • Mainly just Prey and League of Legends right now

    I'm a good chunk of the way through Prey. It has easily become a top contender for my GOTY. Such a crazy experience filled with a lot of really cool moments.

    In League they removed the account level cap so I've been grinding Legend of the Poro king games trying to top my friends levels.

    I did play a little bit of Destiny 2 but ended up ditching it once they locked me out of content I previously had access to when the DLC released. This game is crazy good but Bungo needs to sort their shit out fast or even tgier dedicated players like me are going to be dropping the game.
  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Yeah they did lock people out of base game content. Though the game itself uses the same animations and assets as the first game. So it shows development went into how to monetize the game unfortunately.

    I have bene playing Prey as well since it was on Sale on Steam. Really good so far.

  • Lots of Madden
    Lots of VR
    Some Hearthstone
    Mario Odessey

    Planning to dive into AC Origin over holidays...Seriously want Ubisoft to adapt their eagle flight VR Game for AC Origin and let me explore Egypt as SEnu in VR.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    screw that , I wish they would let you roam around the world in google earth . See things and places youve never gone. Now that would be worthwhile VR

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I say that because I was google earthing my old village ..... Makes me want to go back. Im going to try to go in the summer....

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Off topic , having some nostalgia moments.

    Here is the cafe that everyone used to go to. yes we only had one. It had a rip off pac man arcade game that my cousin would play.

    And here are a couple pictures of my dads house.

  • @Law212 hey there is already a thread for the Destiny 2 is a bad game circlejerk
  • TimothyWedelTimothyWedel Centurion
    edited December 2017
    Nice house. Where that at?
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    The odd game of League
    For PC my pattern has been really erratic. I'm jumping between Dishonored 2, Divinity 2, Destiny 2, Hitman and the odd sprinkle of Doom when I just don't want to care about anything and just want dumb fun.
  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Those are all good game .... (minus Destiny ) How are you finding dishonored 2?

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Oh and how is Xenoblade? I wanted to play the one for WII U

  • I'm really enjoying it on the switch. Combat is slow and the game has a bit of a grind but that makes it perfect to play on my lunch break.

    Dishonored 2 is fun but I'm super sloppy in that game and it shows via my abuse of quivksave and quickload. I promise myself one day I'll get good. I am looking forward to a high chaos playthrough.
  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    The first game blew me away. I loved it all the way through.

  • Playing Fallout New Vegas. Ran into some bug or glitch where several quests are gone or stuck. I'm not very far into the game so I'll restart. I did try the load an older save but that failed.

  • My roommate is getting really into modding Fallout 4 and as such I feel the urge to mod Fallout 3.
  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I want to play through Fallout 3 and the Vegas one at some point. Might need some mods to make them not looks so ugly.

  • As you all know, I'm playing StarCraft II. Still playing Versus 1v1 of course, and I started the "Heart of the Swarm" Campaign yesterday.

    I'm also playing Diablo III: Reapers of Souls. I'm on the 4th Chapter of this Season, and I haven't touched it in a bit but I'm doing a Campaign run with a Necromancer.

  • EchoGolfSierraEchoGolfSierra Centurion
    edited December 2017

    want to give Divinity 2 a go over christmas.... any recommendations over what version to get??

    Standard is $50
    Devine is $65
    Eternal is $70

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Just get the standard. The content that comes in the other versions is a big waste of cash.

  • @EchoGolfSierra said:
    want to give Divinity 2 a go over christmas.... any recommendations over what version to get??

    Standard is $50
    Devine is $65
    Eternal is $70

    You'd be purchasing off the Blizzard Store, correct? If you get the Standard Edition as @Law212 suggests and want to upgrade your edition later, you should then be able to at a pro-rated cost. That's how it works with other products bought on said Store.

    It's also on sale now, and the gap between the regular and deluxe version is pretty huge, even with the sale prices.

  • not Blizzard....Steam Jux

    and ya I agree it was a big bump so I just got the standard edition

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I think Juxt thought you meant Destiny 2 as Divinity 2 isn't on sale on the blizzard store that I'm aware of.

    The Eternal edition just comes with some other games in the series. Though some are good, but they go on sale for a couple dollars a piece at times . The soundtrack and art book and map aren't work the extra 15 bucks

  • I have destiny 2 as well but I have it on the PS4...came with the console. I found the game to be quite fun while I trained to 20/200. Once that goal was achieved I turned it off and havent gone back. I dont have many friends that game...

  • @EchoGolfSierra oh man you are missing out on so much. The game barely even starts until you reach power level 265.
  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I picked up some games on the steam sale, I really hope I can play through a bunch of them a well as the ones ive been playing from the backlog like THe Witcher 3.

    Also slowly going through Divinity 2, I bought the new South Park the Fractured but Whole.... I also picked up a game I've wanted for a long time called Redout. Its a futuristic racing game. So far its really cool.

    I'm also trying to play through Prey,

  • @Law212 said:
    I think Juxt thought you meant Destiny 2 as Divinity 2 isn't on sale on the blizzard store that I'm aware of.

    That's correct, my bad. Divinity 2 is not sold via the Blizzard Store.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Have been playing some Witcher 3. This game is great. I love that I played the first two games so lots of stuff has a bit more meaning. Like Yennefer making comments about geralts past from previous games.

    The cahracters in this game are great , the atmosphere is incredible with all the weather effects and detail in the environment.

    I also played a bunch of Injustice 2 to get the Justice League movie gear. I Only got it for Wonder woman, Batman, Superman and Flash. I was a but late so I missed out on getting it for Aqua man and Cyborg, but you can apparently get the gear from mother boxes randomly.

  • I picked up a hat in time. This game has a surprising amount of charm. Mafia Island is still my favourite.
  • So much League

    Me and my buddies played against a team last night that we had a ton of fun with. We ended up inviting them to our discord channel and we all talked for hours while losing over and over again. Somehow we made new friends in the most toxic video game of all time?

    Also i'm just now realizing that this is a knock off What did you accomplish in gaming thread.

  • It is but feels fresh.

    I actually decided to uninstall League. The only friends I played league with are not fun when they play league and when I play solo the amount of assholes I run into turn me off from that. So I said to hell with that and uninstalled.
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