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Gaming news.

Law212Law212 Centurion

Hi anyone still active in this old ghost town. I figured a thread for game news might be good. Upcomming games, tech anything games and newsworthy .

To start, I have been enjoying working through the Mega Man Legacy games. Well thie first one so far which has Mega man 1 to 6. I also have Legacy 2 which has Mega Man 7 to 10.

The old mega man games have come out a few times in different anthologies. I have an older one for the original I think its called mega man anniversary .

I was hoping for Mega man X games though . I remember some came out years ago individually for PC but I never bought them back then as I was a broke kid. But i wish i Did have them as they were great games and the art on the boxes were amazing.

Anyway , Finally the Mega man X collection with mega man X 1 to 8 is coming to all platforms this summer.

Mega man 2 is on the NES classic and IMO its the easiest game in the series
and Mega Man X is on the SNES classic which is a good start, but all of them are great and worth playing through.



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