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StarCraft: Remastered Custom Campaign and Testers

JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

Hi all,

Since it looks like I'm going to have some more free time this vacation than I though, I've been thinking about fulfilling an old teenage dream of mine: making a Custom Starcraft Campaign.

I always wanted to make my own Campaign via StarEdit, the game's level editor, twenty years ago but never got around to it.

If I do actually do so now, I'd ultimately need testers to try it out, and since it would work with StarCraft: Anthology, which is free to all, I'm curious if anyone here would be interested?

My Campaign idea, which I'd release over time as three Mission Packs (three Missions each), would be a Campaign that bridges the gap between the original game and the sequel, and resolves some of the story points from that time frame that were never explained.

Let me know!


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