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StarCraft: Remastered Custom Campaign and Testers

JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

Hi all,

Since it looks like I'm going to have some more free time this vacation than I though, I've been thinking about fulfilling an old teenage dream of mine: making a Custom Starcraft Campaign.

I always wanted to make my own Campaign via StarEdit, the game's level editor, twenty years ago but never got around to it.

If I do actually do so now, I'd ultimately need testers to try it out, and since it would work with StarCraft: Anthology, which is free to all, I'm curious if anyone here would be interested?

My Campaign idea, which I'd release over time as three Mission Packs (three Missions each), would be a Campaign that bridges the gap between the original game and the sequel, and resolves some of the story points from that time frame that were never explained.

Let me know!


  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    @EchoGolfSierra said:
    count me in

    Awesome! Provided I do indeed start developing this Campaign, I'll keep this thread updated.

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    @EchoGolfSierra If all goes well, I can send it to you later this weekend if you're still interested in testing it.

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    My first Mission Pack is done and released. For any interested in playing it, you can download it here.

    You'll of course need StarCraft: Anthology installed to play it, which you can download for free via the Blizzard App.

    This is a Veteran level Campaign, so I assume you're able to complete the Campaigns of the retail game and its expansion set in order to beat these missions.

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    An experienced map maker named DK has downloaded and played my Mission Pack, uploading the videos to YouTube. It was fantastic watching him play my maps and giving his thoughts and opinions.

    You can watch them here:

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    Hi all,

    I've done some updates to Mission Pack 1 based on player feedback:

    • Added a countdown timer for Kerrigan respawns in Mission 02.
    • Added invisible walls to prevent unintended player progression in Mission 03.
    • Added Triggers to reload each Mission upon Defeat.

    The updated Map Pack has been uploaded and is available now in the above original link.

    I've also begun work on Mission Pack 2!

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    Hi all,

    I've re-uploaded Mission Pack 1 with Some additional minor updates, the first of which was player suggested:

    • Kerrigan's Energy resets to 100% at a specific point in Mission 03 to ensure she can cast Ensnare without causing the player to wait for Energy.
    • Various spelling and text formatting adjustments in all three Missions.

    Mission Pack 1 can still be downloaded here:

  • Hello everyone,

    Mission Pack 2 is now out!

    Before I link to it, however, I wanted to let you all know that I started using ScmDraft 2 in addition to StarEdit, and I made some additional updates (and bug fixes) to Mission Pack 1. The full list of changes are:

    • Replaced an AI Script with an Order Trigger for better consistency in Mission 03.
    • Corrected the Probe Player colour bug.
    • Adjusted the name of the "Uraj Crystals" to "Terrazine Canisters" in Mission 03.
    • Changed Player 6 from Brown to Green colour.
    • Removed the Credits (they will now appear in Mission 06 in Mission Pack 2).
    • Mission 03 will now attempt to load Mission 04 upon completion.
    • Adjusted various text formatting in conversations and Mission Objectives.
    • Added an additional Mission Objectives Update in Mission 02 and Mission 03.
    • Removed redundant Mini-Map Pings.
    • Updated the Readme.txt file.

    Mission Pack 1 can be downloaded here, and I would ask that you please re-download and update here:

    I also updated the File Description, and removed the original screenshots and uploaded StarCraft: Remastered versions. Unless major bugs are found, I expect this to be the final release of Mission Pack 1.

    And as I mentioned at the start of this post, Mission Pack 2 is out and and can be downloaded here:

    I really hope you enjoy both Mission Packs, and I'm hard at work on Mission Pack 3, which will conclude StarCraft: Interbellum!

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    Hi all,

    I've just released Mission Pack 3!

    Like last time, I've re-released Mission Pack 2 so it will properly load into Mission Pack 3, and I've also made some minor bug fixes as well. The full list of changes to Mission Pack 2 are:

    • Removed the player's ability to Warp In the Arbiter Tribunal in Mission 05.
    • Adjusted the Locations of the enemy Area Towns so they function more traditionally in Mission 06.
    • Removed the Credits (they will now appear in Mission 09e in Mission Pack 3).
    • Mission 06 will now attempt to load Mission 07 upon completion.

    For convenience's sake, since the Custom Campaign is now complete, I'll list all three Mission Packs' download locations:

    Mission Pack 1:
    Mission Pack 2:
    Mission Pack 3:

    Should any major bugs crop up, I'll of course do my best to address them.

    I also want to thank you for playing my Custom Campaign, and I hope you enjoy it!

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