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Xbox 360, "Some Xbox LIVE Content is Temporarily Unavailable."

Hey all,

Not sure how many of you are still using an Xbox 360, but for about a month now I've been getting the following error whenever I exit a game or App that I've been in for several minutes:

"Some Xbox Live content is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Status Code 8007274d"

I get back to the Dashboard and it looks like I'm Offline.

My Profile is still Signed In, but I need to manually reconnect to Xbox LIVE. I've also had this happen once when not signing in with any Profile, I simply hit "B" at boot up to go to the Dashboard.

Based on internet searches, this appears to be either a Cache or corrupted Profile issue, however I've cleared my Cache three times and today I deleted and re-downloaded my Profile and the issue persists.

I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this?


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