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2018 fundraising

RajioRajio Centurion

Hey guys. We're approaching the end of 2018 and we haven't hit our fundraising goal. Since I am now hands off with the site, managing it's funds and bills is really the only thing I handle here since I want to avoid conflicts with my day job, and my schedule is pretty crazy anyway. has always run 100% on community support. Without it the site will cease to operate.

A couple of years ago we switched from doing a big annual fundraising drive for the yearly bill payment, to instead just having the donate link in the sidebar all the time to see how it would go that way. It seems this is a less effective approach. The previous method got the year funded fairly quickly and this new method didn't do much at all. maybe next year we'll just go back to the old way ;)

The site's domain and hosting expenses total about $100/year after tax. While 2018 hasn't been funded, we're nearly at the end, and we'll have to start 2019 fundraising in Jan/Feb.

There is a link in the sidebar just to the right here where you can contribute. As contributions are made, I'll make an effort to update this thread so you guys know the rolling tally and when the goal is hit for the year. Depending on how fast it's hit I may consider keeping it up to proactively fundraise for 2019's bills too since we're only a few months away.

Thanks. :)



  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Hi people. I would love to help out but disaster strikes. Came home from vacation and waiting for me in the mail is a claim naming me in a lawsuit for a car accident my ex got into in 2016 in a car under my name.

    So i need to hire a lawyer and its a huge expense of top of what was already planned on my arrival home including moving to an apartment as well as getting hitched.

    From what a lawyer said ill most likely be fine and its on the driver, but i still have to pay for a defense.

    For right now since i only get my bonus and so on at the end of the year. I am basically broke.

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