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Ipod for gaming?

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I for one do not consider the ipod ipad iphone idontcare ipodtouch a true handheld gaming device. Its original intent is not for gaming furthermore the games are all generally phone games. Yes you do have a few genuine games(limited ports of real games more often than not). That's is why statistics like this are simply irritating at best(lets not forget japan is left out of the stats WTF is right). This logic can be applied to anything like playing games on facebook VS. all the MW2 fans.

There are more people playing farmville than MW2 does that make Farmville a viable statistic contender? I'd like to think not. Yes the stupid game has 80 million people playing it but no real gamer in their right mind would stack it up against MW2. It just not that kind of gaming.

When this guy says iphone is catching up to DS is ludicrous in my opinion. Nearly all DS games are proper full production games vs. iphone where at times one single person can make a game in a fraction of the time. I'm not trying to knock indie dev by any means i'm jsut saying same things can be done on flash with the pc for free. What is worse is that market functions off of blind buy.

It essentially is like stacking up tic tac toe vs mario kart. Are these games really on par with each other? Does apple really deserve to be called the number one game player? I really don't think so and i salute the "marcus" psp commercial poking fun at cell phone games.

I am sure someone will disagree with me. I don't care i stand by my feeling towards this.

and seriously ipad portable? you tossed this in there with portable????


  • Might as well say addictinggames is a console on the P.C.
    You silly iphones trying to pretend you're as cool as us gamers.
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    I got the 3G when it first came out in Canada and I have a few games on it that I played quite a bit until I beat them.

    There's an 'Advance Wars' type of game that was really fun...

    Couple of Tower Defense games...

    Other than that, not so much.

    I like that a lot of companies are trying to cram big games on to it (Like RAGE on the Iphone4) because that means guys like John Carmack are figuring out how to do more with less, which is good for everyone.

    Iphone is just popular, with popularity comes ridicule. That's it.

    It's not the game changer Jobs says it is (It was when it first came out) and it's not the be all end of tech. But it's a nifty easy to use gadget that for 2 years never gave me a problem.

    Until I upgraded to the 4.0 firmware... now it's fucked. I need to downgrade it back to the 3.whatever...

    Ugh.. pain in my ass.
  • People don't seem to think it is "legitimate" because

    A: its a phone

    b: no physical media

    I think these points are dumb, first of all the ipod touch is not a phone and if you think it is not a gaming system then what is the psp?

    Also the no physical media part is a good think I like physical games on consoles but it is better without on handhelds because nobody wants to carry a bunch of games with them

    Yes there are lots of cheesy games that resemble flash games but theres big 3D full scale games too also it plays music, has a web browser, etc its pretty awesome
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