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What are you listenin to!?



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    Cause im Rollin Down Rodeo with a Shotgun

    Sick song I agree. Nothing beats absolutely cranking Killing In The Name though

    Although it is more of a prelude to another song, i find this oddly calming

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    Rather than post a bunch of videos, I'll just link you to my YouTube playlist. Its still growing, only at 121 videos atm. Only a few months ago started compiling music as I've never owned an iPod or anything like that. Planning ahead for when I get my smartphone(which most likely will be the WP7 :) ) though. Don't want to get it and have no music ready! Always looking for new music to add to it. When I'm driving I mostly listen to Classic Rock 101.1, which most of the time is 'Nights with Alice Cooper' I keep paper and pen handy so when a song comes on that I like, I write it down to add to my list lol.

    In my playlist you'll find artists such as: Judas Priest, The Arrogant Worms, Weird Al, Metallica, NIRVANA, Nickleback, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Disturbed(Surprisingly good. My friend who generally doesn't like that style of music, can listen to Disturbed without a problem), Crooked X, Alice Cooper, Black Tide, Lynyrd Skynryd, Guns N Roses, Boston, Van Halen, Ozzy, Rammstein, The Beatles among some other random stuff. Gives a pretty solid idea as to the kind of music I like though.

    The song I'm actually listening to right now is this, Here I go Again - Whitesnake

    That shits good music.

    Now I'm listening to Wonderwall - Oasis. I absolutely love this song. Its probably my most listened to song. I normally don't sing along to songs(as I am one of the worst singers in the world) and most of the music I listen to I listen to the instruments more so then the singer, but this is one song that I just have a hard time NOT singing along with.(silently, to myself, that is of course)

    I never really listened to music at all until I started playing Rock Band. That game really opened me up to the world of music. XBOX was also actually what brought me to my first rock concert. Back when the CDN XBOX Forums had giveaways, I won 2 tickets to a 2 day concert from Jade. Good times.
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    npc, although im not a fan, we have a band from our school, and i know a couple of the guys in it, that is kind of that style. Ill post up a video

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    The drummer always has the most fun in High School bands... I know this... because I was the drummer in all of my high school bands... and I had the most fun. :)
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    @the1npc, I've never understood the appeal of that style of music. I've also never known anybody to like that music so never been able to ask anyone. So what is it about that music that makes it enjoyable to listen to? Its just a guy screaming into a mic that you can't understand a single syllable hes 'saying.' With other types of music that I don't like, I at least can understand how other people like it because I can see the appeal of it, but with music like that, I can't see anything in it that makes it appealing. In those bands the instruments aren't half bad, its just the so called 'singer'(don't know if they call themselves singers, more like screamers. lol) that bothers me. Mute them and its not half bad. I like Metal, so long as people aren't just screaming into the mics.

    @Hawks, that Pokemon Metal video was awesome.

    While typing this, I was listening to Disturbed - Indestructible

  • Not my type of music, but it has a really addicting tune. Heard it on the radio.
  • The drummer always has the most fun in High School bands... I know this... because I was the drummer in all of my high school bands... and I had the most fun. :)
    These guys are actually working on recording some of there stuff in Kitchener, i was quite impressed. I was talking to Lionel (the singer, yes his name is Lionel) and he was telling me about it.
  • @TTRDrPayne
    Screaming in metal makes it more aggressive, more powerful and more fun to listen to, imo. After a couple listens the words will sound more clear. I usually don't take most of the death metal or screaming music I listen to seriously I just really enjoy it and nothing gets the adrenaline pumping better than going to a show!

    When I'm craving more serious stuff its all about Dream Theater and Rush :D
  • Francofunghi
    Michael Franti and Spearhead
    And just about anything. Depends on my mood.
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    As a long time metal head, I've heard the 'I can't understand the lyrics!' etc comments for years, and this is usually what I reply with:

    I can't understand half of what Robert Plant is singing... for the longest time I thought Steve Miller's 'Big Ol' Jet Airliner' was 'Big Ol' North Carolina' and I can rarely tell what Eddie Vedder said, ever.

    For me, the vocals in bands are an instrument. I rarely give a fuck what they're singing about, for the most part it's trash. Whatever their 'message' is... it's usually self-righteous bullshit.

    All that aside though, I've never cared for that type of singing myself... That 'Cannibal Corpse' type growl. I've always preferred a good ol' Phil Anselmo scream.

    Man, I miss that guys voice with good music. All his current projects are shit, have turned to shit or are turning to shit.

    I guess no one reigns forever.
  • Heard on the radio while driving my sister to the movie theatre a song I haven't heard in years.

  • I've been listening to the new All That Remains album, For We Are Many. It's quite good.

    I also downloaded the new Linkin Park album to see if it's more interesting than their last (emo) outing. I'm not a big fan of what I've listened to, apart from a few songs.
    Hows the new all that remains album?
    Also they are playing at the pheonix in toronto tuesday
    I'm pretty much only going to born of osiris :P
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    This popped up on the ol' Ipod on my way home.

    I wanted to go very fast... but had to go slow so I could finish the song. Roof-punching and head a banging.

    Kingdoms will rise to power... but kingdoms fall to dust. Fuck yeah they do..

    Our time is coming, ladies. Dig it.
  • Wick, you didn't miss much it was an ok-show
    atr was not doing to well vocal wise, the lead guitarist was awesome though

  • Playing Minecraft listening to this:

  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Today I listened to this. Now it's in my head forever!

  • I love that song, but not about to listen to it as it'll get stuck in my head lol.

    I am currently listening to

  • I've been listening to a lot of How to Destroy Angels. The music video for The Places In-Between is one of the best I've ever seen. I don't know how to embed Youtube videos, unfortunately.

    I'm a big NIN fan, though.
    There is a button ot get the code on the right under the video
  • I have no choice ITS ON THE RADIO ALL THE TIME!!

    Mercer Hotel Toronto (102.1 radio commercial)

  • AnThMaNAnThMaN n00b
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    ..and here's what I'm actually listening to:

    Can't w8 for the new album December 7th
  • Yea, just simply copy and paste the Embed code from Youtube onto here and it'll work. If you copy and paste just the URL link, then it will still embed, but in a tiny format.

    Embed code:


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    I cant embed, but this video is hilarious.

    Green Jello
    Little Piggy, Little Piggy.

    edit* It would appear posting links embeds now ?
  • Damn, those Deadmau5 songs are HOT!
  • south park songs are the best :D
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