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What are you listenin to!?



  • DoosDoos Centurion
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    Recently in a quest to find new music I had been listening to the Indie Metal network on Google Play Music while I was driving. Most of it was pretty hum drum but then I heard this song and I had to pull over to fiddle with my phone and give it a 'Like' or a 'Thumbs Up' or whatever the fuck it is that you do with GPM to get it to remember a song for later.

    Yeah, I'm that desperate for new music that I'll pull my car off the the road in the hope that one song will lead to more! And it did! In Spades!

    Valient Thorr is the name of the band.

    Unfortunately these guys aren't popular enough or their label is tight fisted enough that I can't even link the song 'cause it's not on YouTube.

    The singles that are available on YouTube don't fully encapsulate what I dig about the band. They're more the 'radio friendly' type stuff that kind of follow the basic 'verse, chorus, verse' style of music and while their music is fine it's really the song composition that caught my attention. The odd timing is almost prog-rock in nature.

    They remind me a lot of when I first heard System of a Down and how I'd never heard the heavy fast riffs mixed with weird time signatures and out-there vocals.

    Valient Thorr is nothing like System of a Down though, don't get me wrong.. but that feeling of wonder, of 'What're they going to do next?' that I got listening to SOAD reared it's head while listening to these guys.

    Apparently they've been featured in a couple of video games like Guitar Hero and The Crew so some of you may have heard of 'em before but I was taken completely by surprise.

    That song probably comes closest to showing what they do. The mix of riffs, the time changes, the almost jazz-like drumming, little solo's thrown in here and there. The song is just normal riff stuff until around the 1 minute mark and then they start really heating up.

    Just fun and exciting music making.

    Anyway.. I just wanted to write something about something and share the fact that I'd found some fun music. 'Cause it's been a long time since I had something to listen to that made me go 'Wheeeeee!'

  • I've kinda engrossed myself in the Splatoon 2 soundtrack

  • I have been super into this song lately

    I love the sound of the song but I love the lyrics even more. They call out 95 % of the Christians I know (myself included) with so much truth.

    Yeah you put on a faith facade,
    Think you're holy when you're not
    But simply calling out sins don't bring you closer to God

    But there's no way that there's weight in the words that you preach,
    When you're claiming your faith and you contradict your speech.
    So I sit here and listen to your tongue and cheek,
    I know that when you sit and pray you're only praying for keeps.

    You're shallow and empty and filled with regret.
    I think that chest must be heavy from that cross on your neck
    You only wear 'cause you're wary of what comes next after your death.

  • TimothyWedelTimothyWedel Centurion
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    Mike Shinoda just released an EP about dealing with the passing of Chester. It's really, really good. Lots of emotion in the words he says.

    It was a month since he passed, maybe less
    And no one knew what to do, we were such a mess
    We were texting, we were calling, we were checking in
    We said we ought to play a show in honor of our friend
    Well now that show's finally here, it's tonight
    Supposed to go to the bowl, get on stage, dim the lights
    With our friends and our family, in his name, celebrate
    There's no way that I'll be ready to get back up on that stage
    Can't remember if I've cancelled any show
    But I think about what I'm supposed to do and I don't know
    Cause I think about not doing it the same way as before
    And it makes me wanna puke my fucking guts out on the floor
    We rehearsed it for a month, I'm not worried about the set
    I get tackled by the grief at times that I would least expect
    I know what I should be doing when I'm singing but instead
    We'll be playing through a song and I'd remember in my head

  • I've been listening to a collection of Blues music. From 1906 to 2006.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    I had this riff stuck in my head for a solid week. I learned to play it, thought it would help. It didn't. It embedded it. That low E hammer on/pull off is the sludgiest thing I've ever heard.

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