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RajioRajio Centurion
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Any of you interested in this game? Going to pick it up?


  • DoosDoos Centurion
    The first trailer had me very interested. Then the second that featured all the different ways to kill a 'Malthusian'? really turned me off of the game.

    Half the ways to kill 'em were shooting barrels... and then actually shooting the enemy etc.

    I'll have to play the demo.
  • OzziOzzi Centurion
    i was never the one for 3rd person games. but i'm gonna DL the demo
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    edited September 2010
    My review of the game is up on and now

    It's a pretty and fun game though it has some problems.You may say its good 'for an arcade game' but I consider more of it as a retail game, but just purchasable peace-meal. It'll be a trilogy and 3x1200MSP is effectively a retail game at retail prices in my books. so for the first third or a retail game it's solid but isn't really self-contained with its own plot arc. It just sets things up but ends abruptly once the setup is done.

    It remains unseen if the problems I encountered with the game are resolved with developments in the subsequent chapters but those problems dont impact too harshly on the beauty and fun of the water-mechanics in the game. As a proof-of-concept for HydroEngine, the game showcases it quite well indeed.

    The AI fucking cheats like hell though so be on your toes.

    Favorite part: the injection of zelda music in one specific part (you'll know it when you play it)
  • DoosDoos Centurion
    Judging by what I've read so far... I'll probably wait til it becomes a deal of the week... then again, the demo may be good enough to get me to pay... who knows!? We'll see.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    im waiting for SP to drop. i spent enough on the books.
  • Microsoft doesn't really get to decide the price. At X'10 I was talking to one of the MS reps and he was telling me that for the developers to make money, and ideally the publisher as well they have to charge to the 1200 pts range. 1200 pts is less than 20 bucks and some of these games i.e Hydrophobia, Puzzle Quest 2, Tomb Raider are very much worth that price. It bugs me when they have crap like they had during Arcade Days of Summer for 1200 that are absolute crapola.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    oh yeah i get why the pricing, but its just something i dont want to spend.
  • I've been focusing on retail games a lot, especially Reach (I think it's really the only thing I've played since I got it). Haven't touched demos or Arcade games. Come to think of it, I've been meaning to pick up Limbo, but never got around to it. I guess I'll just wait for them to come out discounted.

    I've also picked up some older racing games: NFS ProStreet, NFS Undercover, Burnout Revenge, and currently in the process of looking for NFS Most Wanted. Until NFS Hot Pursuit drops this November, Most Wanted will remain the best Need for Speed title in my books. Already played quite a bit of Hot Pursuit, and I can tell it's going to trump Most Wanted.
  • RajioRajio Centurion
    Have you noticed nobody is really trying the SciFi racers on xbox anymore? No games like Wipeout HD coming. :/
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane was the closest, but that game was mental at times.
  • So once I nail out my Lt. Colonel in Reach, I'll take a mini-break from it and go race some. Can't effing wait! :D
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