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TimothyWedelTimothyWedel Centurion
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Before I say anything, this service is AMAZING.

OnLive, in a nutshell, is a service that lets you run high definition games that you buy from them, on ANY PC or MAC and soon TV. It used to have a monthly fee attached but just today they announced it is now free to be a member and have access to demos, friends, chat and such. My computer cannot even run games from 2001, but with this service, I was just playing the demos of Borderlands, Splinter Cell: Conviction, FEAR 2, and Prince of Persia.

How this works is they have special servers that are set up, and they run the games and then send the video to your computer at VERY fast rates, like a youtube video, and you can play the games like that. I clicked on "Play Demo" and nearly 20 seconds after, I was playing. Correct me if im wrong.

The only thing I see wrong with this, is if the service is shut down, since you dont have a physical or downloaded copy of any of the games since they stream to you, will you lose it all?

Sorry if this is all jumbled up and makes no sense, im in a hurry and I really wanted to get people to know about this. I encourage everybody here to try this and I would like to hear your impressions on it.

Oh, and the client for OnLive is only like 4MB or less, in case you were worried.


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