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Free Crap

edited August 2011 in Shopping
Hey everyone...I'm unloading all the crap (shwag) that I managed to grab over the weekend from PAX and I managed to get a lot of multiples for some stuff. Its nothing mind blowing, but I don't need them regardless. So I will post what extras I have and first person to claim/ask for said thing will receive it. Please, only ask for one item so that others have a chance at some free stuff.<br><br>League of Legends PAX Exclusive Costume/Character<br>Full version of PC MMO Rift with first month free ($40 value)<br>Another Full version of PC MMO Rift with first month free ($40 value)<br>Captain America Super Soldier "The Classic Pack" DLC Xbox 360<br>Age of Empires Online Glorious Gardening Empire Extra<br>Rage Avatar Shirt<br>Retro City Rampage Avatar Shirt Male<br>Retro City Rampage Avatar Shirt Female<br>Spiral Knights Prime Bombhead Mask<br>Birds & Beaks Avatar Prop<br>Free copy of Poker Night at The Inventory from Telltale games<br><br>I have a few more RARER items that I received...still trying to decide how to give those away. Any who, if you want anything, just post below asking for it. That is all.<br>


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