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Thread naming

RajioRajio Centurion
Hey everyone. I wanted to get your opinion. Trying to make the threads more searchable. I'd love us to get to a point where we have a thread for every game we talk about. same with movies, tv shows. Right now, for example we have these 2 threads on the front page;

- Anyone taken the OverWatch Plunge yet?
- Red Dead Redemption and all the DLC

I'm thinking about maybe once threads like these grow beyond the initial posts's subject and become generally about the game, renaming them. ie;

-Red Dead Redemption

might make them easier to find and more appropriate titles at times (not so much in this case, but sometimes)
Thoughts? Would anybody mind?

I'm also going to get in the habbit of splitting out discussions from the catch-all threads. ie if there is an extended conversation about _____ in one of those threads, splitting it out into its own unique thread so the subject of conversation can flourish better, be found in search, etc. its generally good for the site and SEO rather than having everything in 5-10 superthreads. Any thoughts/objections?


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